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ready now to embark anytime
for any duration but preferably for less than 4 weeks
flexible, no specific date
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 My current location where I'm in person
United States - North Carolina - visible to Boat members only
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 Boarding location
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Destinations I'm interested in
preferably within Central America, Caribbean, Panama, Nicaragua or British Virgin Islands
 Home location usual 'Place of residence'
United States - Virginia - visible to Boat members only

Personal details

L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
speaks native English
competent Spanish
US American
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Civil Status
2 children, both over 18 years of age
182 cm / 6'
80-85 kg / 176-187 lb


Countries I've resided in
United States
Countries I've visited (11)
Bahamas Canada Costa Rica Cuba Curaçao El Salvador Haiti Mexico Nicaragua Panama Puerto Rico


I eat any available diet and I'm fine with any or no specific diet aboard
I drink moderately and I prefer vessels with moderate drinking aboard
I'm a strict non-smoker and I'm fine with any or no smoking aboard


Coastal/Ocean sea time
spent at least 6 months at sea
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
logged at least 10,000 nm at sea

Maritime Qualifications & Certificates

issued or renewed before 2019
Issued or renewed
2016 Jan
Accredited by
NASBLA National Association of State Boating Law Administrators
Issued or renewed
1998 Jun
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1997 Sep
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1997 Jul
2025 Jun
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1996 Jun
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1996 May
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1996 Apr
2042 Jan
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Issued or renewed
1996 Feb
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Boat wanted

any, delivery, cruising: Offshore, cruising: Coastal, fishing (recreational) or mile building
Vessel main propulsion
Vessel hull type
Vessel length
preferably over 12.2 metres (40 ft) in length
Crew & guests aboard
preferably has at least 2 people aboard


Recreational    generally unpaid positions, or contributing towards some agreed expenses

positions of interest
preferably for
 Captain / Skipper   some experience
 Diver   experienced and qualified
 Competent Crew   experienced
 Watch-keeper   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
crew is not expecting to be paid
- visible to Free & Premium members only
crew to pay an agreed share towards some expenses

Professional    paid positions, experience and/or qualifications are usually required

positions of interest
preferably for
 Delivery Crew   experienced
 Security / Bodyguard   experienced and qualified
 Watch-keeper   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
 Competent Crew   experienced
- visible to Free & Premium members only
crew is looking for paid work


Team status
Just me, I'm not bringing any crewmates

Dear Shipmates


Hey..I’m Michael and I'm looking to do deliveries or quick sails off of the Mid-Atlantic and east coast of the US. I'm relatively close to eastern North Carolina and the Tidewater region but willing to travel for the right experience. Ideally, I'd like to help crew on boats heading north or south via the ICW or offshore even if it's just for a segment of the sailing trip. Honesty and respect are at the top of my list, always. I'm a well-grounded, confident, happy person and have no trouble meshing well in all types of cultural environments. I am a retired investment broker and have plenty of flexibility in my schedule. I'm secure in what I'm doing and like to connect with genuinely good people and gain more experience on a variety of sailing vessels. 6 years of Naval experience on a Spruance class Destroyer, very much mechanically inclined, Master scuba diver, capable cook and fisherman and experienced forager of wild mushrooms and food...a little bit of everything to go around. Last-minute sails may be convenient so feel free to reach out if needed. I also have my own boat which currently is a MacGregor 26M and frequently sail on Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

clean & tidycommitteddiligentdiscreeteasy-goingenthusiasticfit & healthyfriendlyorganisedrespectfulskilledtrustworthyconfident swimmerrarely/unlikely seasickgood listenergood communicatorno body piercingsno facial piercingsno tattoos at alltravel light (little luggage)eager to learn & workpoliteLGBTIQA+ respectfulpositive outlookopen mindedsense of humorcan pay own expensesavailable on my ownready to partyenjoy cookingdon't mind cleaninggood with maintenancecan follow ordersenjoy teachinginterpretinglive on little money

I consider myself to be a decent all-around waterman and I love to fish. I can bring all my own offshore and inshore fishing gear and expect to have a line or two trolling all the time when underway. I'm originally from Virginia Beach and have been around the water most of my entire life. A US Navy Veteran, 6 years, (Master-at-Arms and Sonar Technician ratings), a certified Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster, Rescue Diver, DAN O2 provider, CPR, First Responder, etc., also have an MBA and a BS degree. I have traveled extensively through Central America including Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Nicaragua as well as Cuba, Curacao, Haiti, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. I spent 3 years living in Oahu, Hawaii and have been to Kauai and Maui several times. Logged plenty of sea time with the Navy, and now I'm looking to increase miles under sail and hoping to absorb more wisdom from some experienced salts. I spend as much time outdoors as possible and have a waning tolerance for winter. I'm active and try to stay in decent shape, eat healthy when I can, but don't follow a strict diet. I like to travel and have a difficult time sitting idle for very long. Life is too short to not take in as much as possible. Anyone that knows me well, would characterize me as an adventurous adrenaline junkie and a calculated risk taker. Mahalos!~M

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

have a holidayshare experienceshare charter costsvisit remote placesseek adventurefulfill a dreamface challengesgain experiencelearn to saillive off the gridsustainable traveltravel

My future plans may include purchasing a bigger sailboat in the 36-46' range, ideally a Cat, (currently on the hunt) with plans to do some short-term east coast/Caribbean charters and perhaps expand towards Central America over the next 5 years, to include some surfing and/or dive/spearfishing charters. Have some interest in conducting charters between Costa Rica and Nicaragua or Panama for transient travelers, backpackers, surfers etc. with an additional goal of being involved and having a positive impact with the local communities I frequent. I am also considering Hawaii or Maui again as well and just returned from there recently, so it's a toss-up at the moment. I'm flexible, quasi-retired and occasionally still do contract work for the Government.




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