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Welcome to Find a Crew™

Find a Crew™ on 'The Living Room'

Find a Crew™ is the World's largest online Boat & Crew network and a truly global website, with active members in over 200 countries and amazing people from all walks of life.

Find a Crew™ matches and connects boat owners & representatives directly online with crew – anywhere in the world. Find a Crew™ is not a crew agent, and everyone can decide for themselves with whom they wish to maintain further contact.

There are no contracts, no commissions and no fees to register, list, search, view, or maintain a profile on Find a Crew™ – it's all free for everyone. Anyone, whether Crew or Boat member, can upgrade at any time to Premium to exchange contact details and personal messages, for which at least one party is required to be Premium.

This keeps the quality of exchanges high and gives Premium members exclusive access to a very large number of matching Free & Premium members. Free members, in return, can exchange contact details with any matching Premium members who have contacted them or replied to them during the last 45 days.


Find a Crew™ on TV

Watch Australia's Channel Ten segment about Find a Crew™ on 'The Living Room' hosted by Amanda Keller. We had a lot of fun filming this in the Whitsunday Islands with an amazing film crew and the popular Aussie TV host Dr Chris Brown – better known as 'The Bondi Vet'.


History was launched on the 1st of December 2004. The website grew very quickly and became the World's largest online Boat & Crew network within the first 12 months of launch.

Find a Crew™ is owned, developed and operated by NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd based in Mooloolaba, a small South Pacific seaside town on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.


About Nautycal

NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd is the mother ship of Find a Crew™ and is owned by the original founders of Find a Crew™. And yes, we do know how to spell nautical. We spell it with a 'Y' to have NAUTYCAL as our registered trademark.

Find a Crew is a registered business of Nautycal Pty Ltd
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