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preferably for at least 2 weeks and for less than 4.3 weeks
flexible, no specific date
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United States - Georgia - visible to Boat members only
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Destinations I'm interested in
preferably within North Atlantic
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Personal details

L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
speaks native English
US American
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Civil Status
2 children, both over 18 years of age
180 cm / 5' 11"
95-100 kg / 209-220 lb


Countries I've resided in
Trinidad & Tobago United States
Countries I've visited (19)
Bahamas Belgium Bermuda Canada Caribbean Netherlands France Montserrat Namibia Philippines Puerto Rico Saint Barthélemy Saint Helena Saint Lucia Saint Martin (FR) South Africa Trinidad & Tobago United Kingdom Vietnam US Virgin Islands


I prefer an unrestricted diet and I prefer vessels with an unrestricted diet aboard
I only drink socially and I'm fine with any or no drinking aboard
I'm a strict non-smoker and I'm fine with any or no smoking aboard


Coastal/Ocean sea time
spent at least 3.3 months at sea
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
logged at least 10,000 nm at sea

Maritime Qualifications & Certificates

issued or renewed before 2019
Issued or renewed
2014 Nov
2025 Dec
Accredited by
FCC Federal Communications Commission
Issued or renewed
1965 Feb
Accredited by
USCG United States Coast Guard

Boat wanted

any, cruising, passage, cruising: Offshore or passage: Atlantic
Vessel main propulsion
preferably sail
Vessel hull type
preferably monohull
Vessel length
preferably over 9.1 metres (30 ft) in length
Crew & guests aboard


Recreational    generally unpaid positions, or contributing towards some agreed expenses

positions of interest
preferably for
 Crew   experienced
 Watch-keeper   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
 Navigator   some experience
 Health Care / Aide   experienced
crew is not expecting to be paid


Team status
Just me, I'm not bringing any crewmates

Dear Shipmates


I am a 75 y/o recreational sailor. I have owned dinghies and small cruisers and am a retired healthcare worker. I was a merchant seamen in my younger days and served in the U.S. Army as a medic. I am an active ham radio operator and fully vaccinated (Moderna).

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

confident swimmerrarely/unlikely seasickno body piercingsno facial piercingsvisible tattooseager to learn & workfit & healthyfriendlypolitepositive outlookorganisedtrustworthyopen mindedeasy-goingoften messysense of humorcan pay own expensesavailable on my owndon't mind cleaninggood with maintenancecan follow ordersbuy my own boat one day

I am an amateur radio operator and fairly handy around the house. As they say, if you're not handsome at least be handy. I like to backpack and camp when I'm land bound and play around on the lake with my pontoon boat. I learned celestial navigation back in the days before GPS and still like to practice a bit now and then. Learning celestial gave me an interest in learning a few of the stars and when the night sky is clear I still like to try to pick out a few.

I recently completed a trans Atlantic crossing from Namibia to St. Helena and then on to St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

have a holidayshare experiencevisit remote placesseek adventurefulfill a dreamgain experiencetravel

I was planning to do a North Atlantic circumnavigation and bought a boat with that intention. She was a beautiful Bristol Channel Cutter in need of quite a bit of maintenance. Regrettably I deferred the needed electrical repairs and she caught fire one night while I was anchored in Port Royal Sound. I shortly found myself overboard in the water with a handheld VHF and a sound full of jelly fish. When the Coast Guard got to me I was hanging from the end of the bowsprit between the fire and the jelly fish. Since I had no insurance, I am now and probably forever boatless. So now to get my sailing fix I need to find berths on other peoples boats.




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