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187 cm / 6' 2"
95-100 kg / 209-220 lb


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Saint Martin (FR)
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Anguilla Bahamas British Virgin Islands Canada Dominican Republic Italy Panama Saint Barthélemy Sint Maarten (NL)


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Dear Shipmates


greetings...looking to get back on the water/a new adventure...I have previously worked on a 70' motor yacht as mate/engineer for 4 1/2 years....only crew, more or less captain/manager...owner was driving a most of the time and I was driving the 25' tender coming and going in and out of port....boat would spend about half of it's time in various places in the Bahamas, owner would come and go, leaving me there with boat, when there we would all go fishing, snorkeling and just playing...I have been working as an airplane mechanic for about the last 5 years, restoring a private plane and other airplane and boat "side jobs" around Daytona Beach by there someone out there that needs an airplane guy and boat guy in one package ? about a someone that needs a trustworthy man to mind their boat as it sets somewhere ?? island estate / resort caretaker position could be good...past owner would give a good reference...I'm living on same boat as an unpaid caretaker...I did everything from clean toilets to change transmissions.

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

committeddiligentdiscreeteasy-goingfit & healthyfriendlyrespectfulskilledtrustworthyconfident swimmerrarely/unlikely seasickno body piercingsno facial piercingsno tattoos at alleager to learn & workpoliteLGBTIQA+ respectfulpositive outlookopen mindedsense of humoravailable on my owndon't mind cleaninggood with maintenancecan follow ordersenjoy teachingbuy my own boat one day

I am looking for a new paid position....
How much pay depends on for who and where and what ? How much fun, interesting stuff am I having/doing.
I am qualified deck and engineer...was in the Coast Guard....I attended their 4 month machinery technician course, an all around boat and ship machinery school, a military school, not a commercial school. My highest rank was machinery technician 2nd class petty officer.

I was on small boat crew around Tampa bay Fl. Deckhand stuff, waiting for engineering school.

One of my stations was a lighthouse in the Dry Tortugas. Living on an small island, lots of boat driving, fishing, snorkeling, diving, met a lot of people. Had to live on shrimp, lobster and fish.

After lighthouse was transferred to the icebreaker Polar Sea. I was an engineer and leading petty officer on a 400' icebreaker ship. It had lots of big heavy machinery, lots of work, lots of learning, 9 train and 3 gas turbine engines, lots of hydraulics, just the transmissions were bigger than the engine rooms on most pleasure yachts, supervised about 25 men, worked on everything on the ship and its 4 small boats. Nobody on the ship had any kind of yacht engineer license and we still got it done and made it home.

I worked on a tourist snorkel boat in Keywest for a few months between CG and college, go out to the reefs, give snorkel lessons, wash the boat, deckhand stuff.

After the Coastguard I went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical university for 2 years to get airplane mechanic license, an all around good mechanical education with knowledge that can easily be useful on boats/shore station maintenance.

I have had a job building custom wooden sportfish boats, for a well respected designer/builder. I was a carpenter and machinery installer. I enjoyed it, learned a lot, wish he was still alive.

I worked at shop that built 200+ MPH carbon fiber offshore racing catamarans and other high performance custom boats, cut foam coring, laid carbon fiber/epoxy, installed the mechanicals, sea trials. I was offered the opportunity to go live on the island of St. Martin in the Caribbean to manage, drive, maintain one of the boats we built, a "V" hull 70' long that went over 80 MPH. I will admit to being good at fiberglass / wood, construction / repair.

I worked 3 years in an offshore power boat rigging shop (Cigarette, Scarab, Donzi etc.) engines and other equipment in and out, custom stuff, making engine mounts, making aeroquip hoses, all the wiring, everything from fiberglass up, turbines, big supercharged engines, lots of sea trials, usually drove the chase boats. We were contracted to build race boats and support at the races.

I worked at vintage military aircraft restoration shop disassemble, clean repair, reassemble, lots of parts. Interesting work, lousy money but I enjoyed it, boss was well respected in the business, good first airplane mechanic job.

Assembling semi custom high performance kit (lancair 4)airplanes, maintaining general aviation aircraft.

Worked a season at a ski resort on grooming machines and snowmobiles just for the experience and snow covered mountain scenery, got to ski all the time.

I grew up on a small farm, been operating and maintaining machinery a long time. I can fix, not just make calls.

I can build from an idea or repair things from fiberglass, wood, metal, good at body work prep and painting.

I have been building my own scratchbuilt (from raw materials)bi-plane for years, built everything but the wheels and tires.

I have recently entered into a partnership with a friend and bought a Cessna 177 Cardinal airplane, needed alot of work, but I'm on it, and we should have a nice airplane before long.

totally unencumbered single male, no health issues, never smoked a cigarette in my life...complete set of good dive gear... tools... fishing rods... gopros... enjoy being on and in warm, clear saltwater... very calm... like to eat well... I can throw line and tie knots...lots of tender towing and tender driving that doesn't scare anyone...I can fairly competently work on just about anything except the insides of electronics...can keep secrets, can be trusted.
I have my resume ready to email. I have pictures to prove everything I have written.

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

visit remote placesseek adventureface challengesfinding myselflearn to saillive off the gridsustainable traveltravel

experience life.... have more stories to tell than the next guy..... see some cool places.... meet some cool people.... get the T shirt....I dig warm clear saltwater


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