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L5   native
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L4   fluent
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L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
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Civil Status
155 cm / 5' 1"
45-50 kg / 99-110 lb


Countries I've resided in (8)
Belarus Costa Rica France Germany Namibia Switzerland Türkiye Zambia
Countries I've visited (51)
Albania Antigua & Barbuda Austria Barbados Belarus Cambodia Costa Rica Croatia Dominica Dominican Republic Egypt Ethiopia France Germany Greece Grenada India Indonesia Israel Italy Kazakhstan Laos Liechtenstein Lithuania Madagascar Malaysia Monaco Montenegro Namibia Panama Poland Portugal Russia Saint Helena Saint Martin (FR) Saint Vincent & the Grenadines Seychelles Sint Maarten (NL) Slovenia Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Türkiye Uganda United Kingdom Zambia Zimbabwe


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2015 Dec
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SUI Swiss Sailing

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any, passage, cruising, round the world or delivery
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any length
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Team status
Just me, I'm not bringing any crewmates

Dear Shipmates


Update on 1 June: all June 2024 I will live and explore around Cannes in South France.
Main presentation: I usually travel every week between continents and updates of my location status on find a crew page could be delayed, but I am free to change to another country on a different continent any time: Indian Ocean, Indonesia, Europe. If you are capable to take care of my travel expenses to/from the boat, please send me a message (not just a template interest check). I have on my mind boat without ocean crossing or delivery project, but the boat, that is just cruising around or just anchored in one spot or even stays in the marina. I have recently accomplished many years of intense travels in tropics on land and across oceans by sailboat and now just want to have a quiet time without much travel and sailing activities onboard. Just relax and enjoy the tranquility. I would like to spend my time with people who put the food on the plate without wasting life by standing in the kitchen an hour and eat it without cooking.

Since I am looking for a boat to just chill these days, you can skip reading the text below.

I have some sailing experience as a delivery crew (8000 nm) in Caribbean Sea, Indian Ocean, South East Asia and Med. I started to sail for the first time in January 2014 in San Blas Islands (Panama).

I help with night watches, manouvers, anchoring and preparing of the boat for an expedition.

Boats I sailed with: Monohuls S&S 65, German Frers 55, Hallberg Rassy 55, IMOCA 60, Catamaran Voyager 58.

More information is below...

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

clean & tidyorganisedgood listenergood communicatoropen mindedsense of humoravailable on my owngood with maintenance

I participated in crossings as a delivery crew:
• from Seychelles to Madagascar 700nm (Alu S&S 65),
• from Sulawesi to West Papua (Raja Ampat) in Indonesia 500nm (Catamaran Voyager 58),
• from Kalimantan to Tioman in Malaysia 400nm (German Frers 55),
• from Namibia to Barbados 5000nm (Catamaran Voyager 58),
• in Croatia 800nm (IMOCA 60),
• in Turkey 400nm (Hallberg Rassy 55).

My prefered sailing area in pandemic times is Indian Ocean: Maldives, Seychelles, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar.

I usually spend every year in 15 different countries. Please take into your consideration: when you contact me, that will mean that you already agreed on covering my travel costs to the boat from the place where I will be at that moment. Sao Paolo, Brazil or Havanna, Cuba.

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

visit remote placesfulfill a dreamfind a soulmate/partnerlive off the grid


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