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 My current location where I'm in person
United States - Washington - visible to Boat members only
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United States - same as my current location
and the Boat is preferably within 5,000 nm • 9,260 km • 5,754 mi
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L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
speaks native English
fluent Swedish, Spanish
Swedish and US American
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181 cm / 5' 11"
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Countries I've resided in
Colombia Sweden United States
Countries I've visited (11)
Argentina Canada Costa Rica France Guatemala Mexico Nicaragua Norway Panama Russia United Kingdom


I eat any available diet and I'm fine with any or no specific diet aboard
I only drink socially and I'm fine with any or no drinking aboard
I'm a strict non-smoker and I prefer vessels with no smoking aboard


Coastal/Ocean sea time
spent at least 25 years at sea
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
logged at least 10,000 nm at sea

Maritime Qualifications & Certificates

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any, regatta, delivery, passage: Atlantic, passage: Pacific or …other journey
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preferably sail
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preferably over 7 metres (23 ft) in length
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 Watch-keeper   experienced
 Delivery Crew   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
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 Competent Crew   experienced
 Watch-keeper   experienced
 Delivery Crew   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
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Team status
Just me, I'm not bringing any crewmates

Dear Shipmates


I think of myself as a life-long learner. I want to know how things work and how to do new things. I am eager to learn from those more experienced than myself. I continue to discover that I really really like sailing, and want to become better at it.

I love sailing, in any form: cruising, bobbing, exploring, taking it easy, meeting people, learning about cultures, having experiences. I'm always learning new things about ... well, life!

Please note that the "Years At Sea" number is how long I have been 'messing around on boats'. If we're going to look at numbers, I think that my 10000+ nautical miles and 2400+ hours is a better number than a simplistic "X Years".

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

discreeteasy-goingfriendlyorganisedrespectfultrustworthyrarely/unlikely seasickgood listenergood communicatoreager to learn & workpoliteLGBTIQA+ respectfulpositive outlookopen mindedsense of humoravailable on my owndon't mind cleaningcan follow ordersinterpreting

May 2023: Sailboat delivery/passage with boat member; 30-day passage repositioning their Camper & Nicholson 38 from Hawaii to the Salish Sea/Puget Sound. Crewed alongside crew member

August 2013: Sailboat delivery/passage from Newport Beach, CA to San Francisco aboard an Offshore Logic 44'.

September 2009: Sailboat delivery passage with member; moving his NY36 from Seattle to San Francisco. (There exists a short video of me on tiller downwind, offshore, but I can't put links here!) (Sadly, I learned in July 2023 that this member is deceased. Rest in Peace, M.R. Fair winds.)

March-April 2008: Sailboat delivery passage with member; a five-week delivery/cruise from Panama to San Diego aboard a Dufour A455.

I live, work, and play in and near Seattle, WA, USA. Some of my best sailing experiences have been in freezing and rainy weather... and some of my worst sailing experiences have been under similar circumstances! However, I tend to forget the worst ones. :-)

I worked 23 years at the Physics Department at the University of Washington. In 2015 I left that position and currently work for King County Metro (a large urban transit service in the greater Seattle area). Because that job was new and I did not have enough seniority, my opportunities for sailing have been limited. I am now ready to head out there some more!

I am happy to provide a Sailing CV that elaborates on my experience, qualifications, and skills.

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

share experienceface challengesgain experiencetravel

For 2024, I still have a few short time slots remaining. 2025 is more open; please contact me to lock in your passage dates now!

Locally, I am available for Monday night racing. And/or Tuesday nights, if any Duck Dodgers want to get in touch!

My interests and goals:

• Sail to/from Hawaii (YES!!! Goal achieved in June 2023!!!)
• Sail across the Atlantic
• Sail passage to/from Southern California, Central America, Puget Sound, and beyond (depending on costs)
• Sail passage to/from Alaska (OK, I could do this on a M.V., too!)
• Sail in/around the San Juans and the Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, and Queen Charlotte Islands
• Are you planning a multi-year around-the world voyage? I am available for certain sections!
• North American west coast: I have sailed the entire west coast from Panama City to the north end of Vancouver Island, EXCEPT FOR a small gap between San Diego and Long Beach! I'd love to close that gap!




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