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SY - Sailing Yacht, 12.5 m (41 ft), sail, monohull, Dufour Sortilege 41
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SY Sailing Yacht, Dufour Sortilege 41
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1971 built, and most recent major refit completed in 2022
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Vessel length
12.5 metres (41 ft)
Vessel weight (displacement)
16 tonnes (35,148 lb)
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usually 4 people aboard
…other journey, day/weekend trips, cruising: Offshore or round the world


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Dear Shipmates


Thanks to all those who have shown interest and have come sailing.


Family circumstances make it impossible for me to plan much for now. I am pausing Premium for a while. This means that I will be responding 'Maybe' to most requests. I will pick things up as soon as possible, but for now, I have no idea how long my commitments will last. Thanks again for all your interest.

I've been getting the boat ready for some serious ocean sailing. For a while, I was a navigator and delivery skipper, but that was some time back. I stopped my filmmaking career for a decade to look after a relative who died just before C-19. I am now getting the boat and myself ready for my next. Sailing and filmmaking all over the place.

I love sailing. It is a complete existence requiring a skillset covering so many things. You need handling skills, understanding meteorology is vital, and openness to scientific methods to underpin the engineer that you need to be when project managing maintenance and repairs. Both physical and mental fitness are as important as financial competence and the social skills to fit in with too many people in a small space - we all need to ground our static from time to time.

From now on, life just has to be an extraordinary adventure!  

About the boat, the plans, and current crew

usually cleancomfortablelive on little moneyshare experienceseek adventurefulfill a dreamlearn a languageface challengeslive off the grid

The boat did the 2017 ARC Atlantic and checked out for the ARC World but did not continue. A contract the previous owner hoped would finance the trip fell through. The boat is not a modern one, she is seaworthy, strong and so very safe. A lot of work has been done, changed the Gori prob for one that allows control astern, the small osmotic pocks have been fixed and the bottom copper coated. Six solar panels and six Lithium batteries have kept her off-grid since the system between March and October. A new electric windlass is now installed while the watermaker is screwed to my father's garage door, waiting its turn... This done and she'll be ready for long trips.

I bought her before C-19 hit the world. Then I started a lockdown refit. Now she's back in the water. I've not sailed the boat a great deal or far - yet - (carer, C-19, refit etc). Her handling has massively improved now the propeller is less, well, modern. Checking for anything the refit missed or gets tired is situation normal. She came back from the Azores with a crew of one so she's not a hard boat to handle. A good solid boat that slips through the water. She is well-resourced with safety gear. Eight good lifejackets, four with MOB AIS transponders that make a racket if anyone falls off.

Early sea trials have commenced. I’ve enjoyed the company of crew from this site. Now come more ambitious plans…


Had to remain in Brexitania over the winter. Planning on plenty of short trips as well as sanity cruises to the EU.

{ There will be crewing opportunities for most passages.}

{Next Voyage of Discovery} Does the West Country actually exist? Weather and courage permitting, a run to the legendary port of Falmouth ... Not sure exactly when - whenever I make plans, God laughs.

What is expected of the crew

committedeasy-goingenthusiasticfriendlyeager to learn & workpositive outlooksense of humorcan pay own expensesenjoy cookingdon't mind cleaninggood with maintenancecan follow orders

Experience tells me that putting a crew together is something best done carefully. I would like to sail with curious and adventurous people who are interested in what they can contribute rather than what the world owes them.

There will be storyfinding and filmmaking. I look for innovators in the marine environmental sector and aim to tell intentional stories about them and their work/thinking. Great stories can change the world!

In the early stages, I don't expect any specific skills, I can teach the required wheel waggling, rope pulling, deck swabbing, chart ripping, smuggling, mutiny and minor acts of piracy etc. The usual salty stuff of legend.

We should probably have a conversation and you should meet the boat and me before sailing together to make sure we're going to get on. And I promise not to take the boat into dragon-infested waters - unless pressed!




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