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Owner & Captain/Skipper - always or often aboard
SV - Sailing Vessel, 11 m (36 ft), sail, monohull, Hallberg-Rassy 352
Recommendations 4 received, 4 provided
usually replies within 8 hours

Availability after the 8 Oct 2024

Embark (Boarding)
preferably embarking anytime after the 8 Oct 2024
preferably for at least 1 week and for less than 2 weeks
flexible, no specific date
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 Boarding location
Brazil - Pernambuco - visible to Crew members only
your specified boarding area is ? within this vessel's boarding location
and the Crew can come from anywhere to board the vessel
your current location is around ? away from this location
 Destination planned to take the vessel next
flexible, to be decided
 My current location where I'm in person
Brazil - same as boarding location
 Home Port of Registry (registered vessel)
Poland - Pomeranian - visible to Premium Crew

Itineraries (New)

An itinerary is a route divided into legs showing the planned locations and dates of the main stopovers from the start (initial departure) to the very end (final arrival), which is the destination of the vessel's journey (also called voyage, trip, torn, or expedition).

Each leg has a departure and an arrival date and location. It may also have additional waypoints in between, which might be stopping points or course change points.

Itineraries for vessels at sea are never precise! We use three accuracy levels for the planning status to avoid confusion about what is likely to happen or not:

  • Pending (not accurate) – initial idea, possibilities
  • Preliminary (kinda accurate) – changes may still apply
  • Planned (fairly accurate) – this is what's meant to happen

The duration of an itinerary is counted in days (start to end date) and the leg in nights (departure to arrival date). That is because you may arrive on a Monday and leave on a Tuesday. Therefore, there can be confusion if you were there for one or two days, but it would strictly count as one night without any confusion.

Therefore, you would say you went on a 14-day holiday or trip (the itinerary) and spent 13 nights on all your legs combined, for example.

There is also an important distinction between planning (what's the intention) and estimating (what's calculated). A time of arrival is always an estimate as a calculation is required; that's why it is called ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival).

You can't plan to leave San Francisco and arrive in Hawaii 10 minutes later, regardless of how desperate your intention is. If you intend to arrive in Hawaii by a certain date and estimate 10 days for the journey, then you can plan to leave San Francisco 12 to 15 days before. Therefore, your departure date is planned (what's the intention), and the arrival is still an estimate (what's calculated based on season, winds, currents, and many other factors). Plans can change due to weather, government requirements, breakdowns, delays, etc.

The following tips are worth noting to manage your itinerary and maintain an excellent overview:

  • 1) Name your itinerary with a short and clear title, such as 2024 Antarctic Expedition or 2024 Italy Family Torn, that is descriptive, easy to remember, and simple to refer to in conversations.
  • 2) You can set your itinerary's visibility to private while planning it, share it with only those you contact, or share it with anyone who views your profile.
  • 3) Next, add each leg of the significant stopovers by date and location.
  • 4) Then, keep updating each leg as required.

Be realistic and mindful when planning an itinerary. People will arrange their timing and life around it, taking time off work, booking flights, arranging accommodation, etc. It's crucial to let the crew know how accurate they can expect the itinerary to be.

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L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
Languages spoken aboard
native Spanish
fluent English
competent French
Vessel type, make and model
SV Sailing Vessel, Hallberg-Rassy 352
Vessel year
1989 built , and no major refit completed in the last 15 years
Vessel main propulsion
Vessel hull type
Vessel length
11 metres (36 ft)
Vessel weight (displacement)
9 tonnes (19,845 lb)
Crew & guests aboard
usually 2 people aboard
day/weekend trips, mile building, cruising or fishing (recreational)


Team request
position preferably for individuals, but teams may apply
Nationality of crew
Gender of crew
preferably female crew, but male crew may apply
Age of crew
preferably between 20 to 40 years of age
Height of crew
Weight of crew


Anyone and aboard any or no specific diet is fine
Anyone and aboard any or no drinking is fine
Only strict non-smokers and aboard there is strictly no smoking


Coastal/Ocean sea time
none required
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
none required


Recreational    generally unpaid positions, or contributing towards some agreed expenses

positions available
preferably for
 Crew   any experience
crew is not expecting to be paid
- visible to Free & Premium members only
crew to pay an agreed share towards some expenses

Dear Shipmates


This is a strong sailing boat able to reach every place single handed.

About the boat, the plans, and current crew

very safeusually single handedshare experienceshare charter costsvisit remote placesseek adventurelearn a language

Sailing from Brasil to Cape Horn and Pacific
Just two cabins onboard so do not take heavy luggage with you please.
I love to discover new places, have fun and live adventures.
I'm positive, fit and love nature and free diving.
Do not join if you are looking for luxury. I use to avoid ports and love to anchor around. Sometimes we have dinner outside but most of the time I love cooking and we eat at the boat, fresh fish, octopus, paella,...
Fair winds!

What is expected of the crew

clean & tidyfriendlyorganisedtravel light (little luggage)positive outlook

I'm looking someone to share these adventures with.




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nice & polite person
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1 trustworthy
1 respectful
1 fit & healthy
1 clean & tidy
1 committed
1 positive
1 proactive

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