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Professional positions are offered on boats or ships, usually for paid and qualified or specially trained crew aiming to achieve a goal other than just a profitable income, such as professional racing, private or corporate (but licensed!) charters, private expeditions, etc.

Professional boats are only permitted to engage in commercial activities such as charters or inviting paying guests on board if they are licensed to do so. Professional crew are not required to contribute to the journey and running costs of the boat.

Professional crew are required to:
• facilitate the safe operation of the boat and cover its liabilities, whilst also ensuring a profitable income
• demonstrate responsible conduct and consistently exceptional performance
• maintain qualifications to permit the lawful operation of the vessel, as requested by regulatory bodies, insurers, home port, and local authorities

Options for professional crew when joining a boat:
• work experience – can be unpaid or paid, but the crew is not required to contribute to any expenses
• paid positions – the crew is paid on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual rate

Usually, professional positions cover food, uniform, essential insurances, and related travel expenses. However, always check before signing anything! Make sure that you have all agreed terms in writing.

It is also worth remembering that professional crew are representing their employer and the reputation of their vessel, therefore aim to present and behave as professionally as is practical at all times.

In addition, here is some further information that may interest you:

On Find a Crew™ your Crew profile is your digital resume. You can write (or copy and paste) information about yourself, your experience, and your expectations in your profile. Once you make contact, exchange a few emails and feel comfortable with the people you have connected with, you can then forward your regular CV directly if necessary.

We don't recommend uploading your regular CV online for several reasons:
• Your CV or resume is a personal document, often with your personal information and contact details as well as other people's (e.g., references) – who may not appreciate having their details online for all to see.
• You should be in full control of your CV and know who is reading it!
• By not permitting any attachments on Find a Crew™, we can ensure that all of our content is free of viruses. This is because in order for viruses to be unleashed they must either be contained in programs or documents that are downloaded and run, executed directly or via macros.

A Superyacht is a very expensive, professionally crewed, privately owned luxury yacht. When referred to the 'Superyacht community' it is inclusive of Megayachts and Gigayachts.

Find a Crew™ classes luxury yachts as Superyachts that:
• are between 25 meters (82ft) and up to 50 meters (164ft) in length
• are professionally crewed, ocean-going luxury vessels
• are sail or motor powered, with long-range capability
• motor powered Superyachts have typically at least 2 to 3 decks, with cabins for at least 10-12 guests

A Megayacht is a large, very expensive, professionally crewed, privately owned luxury yacht.

Find a Crew™ classes luxury yachts as Megayachts that:
• are between 50 meters (164ft) and up to 100 meters (328ft) in length
• luxury, ocean-going vessels
• mostly motor powered
• typically four decks, and with often more crew than guests
• may accommodate a helicopter pad

A Gigayacht is a very large, very expensive, professionally crewed, privately owned luxury yacht.

Find a Crew™ classes luxury yachts as Gigayachts that:
• are over 100 meters (328ft) in length
• luxury, ocean-going vessels
• motor powered
• typically five decks above the waterline and one below
• helicopter and submarine are often part of the inventory