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, female
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 My current location where I'm in person
Dominican Republic - Samaná - visible to Boat members only
your vessel's specified boarding location is around ? away from this location
 Boarding location
Dominican Republic - same as my current location
and the Boat is preferably within 1,000 nm • 1,852 km • 1,151 mi
your vessel's boarding location is ? within this Crew member's boarding area
Destinations I'm interested in
preferably within Indonesia or Dominican Republic
 Home location usual 'Place of residence'
United States - California - visible to Boat members only

Personal details

L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
speaks native English
learning Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian)
US American
visible to Free & Premium members only
Civil Status
171 cm / 5' 7"
may tell you later


Countries I've resided in (5)
Dominican Republic French Polynesia Guatemala Mexico United States
Countries I've visited (38)
Anguilla Antigua & Barbuda Austria Bahamas Brazil Cambodia China Costa Rica Denmark Dominican Republic Ecuador France French Polynesia Germany Grenada Guadeloupe Guatemala Hungary Ireland Italy Mexico Morocco Myanmar Netherlands Panama Paraguay Peru Puerto Rico Saint Barthélemy Saint Martin (FR) Saint Vincent & the Grenadines South Korea Spain Switzerland Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Türkiye Uruguay


I eat any available diet and I'm fine with any or no specific diet aboard
I only drink socially and I'm fine with any or no drinking aboard
I'm generally a non-smoker and I'm fine with any or no smoking aboard


Coastal/Ocean sea time
spent at least 7 months at sea
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
logged at least 5,000 nm at sea

Maritime Qualifications & Certificates

issued or renewed during 2024 & 2023
Issued or renewed
2023 Jul
Unlimited (no expiry)
Accredited by
AA Apnea Academy
Issued or renewed
2023 Jun
2028 Jun
Accredited by
TSA Transportation Security Administration
issued or renewed during 2022 & 2021
Issued or renewed
2022 Dec
Unlimited (no expiry)
Accredited by
RYA The Royal Yachting Association
Issued or renewed
2022 Nov
Unlimited (no expiry)
Accredited by
IKO International Kiteboarding Organization
Issued or renewed
2022 Oct
2026 Oct
Accredited by
ICT/MCA International Crew Training / Maritime Coastguard Agency
issued or renewed during 2020 & 2019
Issued or renewed
2019 Aug
Unlimited (no expiry)
Accredited by
PADI Professional Association of Diving Instructors

Boat wanted

Vessel main propulsion
preferably sail
Vessel hull type
Vessel length
any length
Crew & guests aboard
preferably has at least 2 people aboard


Recreational    generally unpaid positions, or contributing towards some agreed expenses

positions of interest
preferably for
 Crew   experienced and qualified
 Diver   experienced
 Deckhand   experienced
 Race Crew   some experience
 Photographer   some experience
crew is not expecting to be paid

Professional    paid positions, experience and/or qualifications are usually required

positions of interest
preferably for
 Delivery Crew   some experience
 Crew   experienced and qualified
 Deckhand   experienced
 1st Mate / Officer   some experience
 Race Crew   some experience
- visible to Free & Premium members only
crew is looking for paid work


Team status
I only accept positions with my crewmate
Crewmate male, couple, partner (ID: non-member)
Known each other for ??, and crewed together for 0 days
I only accept positions with this crewmate!

Dear Shipmates


I'm an experienced open water swimmer, swim instructor, diver, surfer, lifeguard, and water massage therapist with a passion for marine conservation. I take immense pleasure in fostering connections between people and the water, as well as the beauty of nature.

In addition to my water-related expertise, I am an accomplished Artist and industrial designer. My current endeavor involves acquiring essential survival skills and saving up to purchase my own boat. Sailing has become my pathway to independence, enabling me to embrace self-sufficiency. Last year, I successfully crossed the Pacific, and I have spent a cumulative total of 7 months living at sea on various sailing vessels.

Most recently, I had the privilege of serving as first mate and assistant chef during a charter season in the Caribbean. I was also in the Santa Cruz 27 nationals race team on the foredeck position.

Now, I am eagerly seeking new opportunities to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to a boat-related position as a first mate, deckhand, Delivary crew or assistant chef/stewardess.

A little about myself, my interests and my plans

clean & tidycommitteddiligenteasy-goingenthusiasticfit & healthyfriendlyrespectfulskilledtrustworthyconfident swimmergood listenergood communicatorno facial piercingsno tattoos at alltravel light (little luggage)eager to learn & workpoliteLGBTIQA+ respectfulpositive outlookopen mindedsense of humoravailable on my ownenjoy cookingdon't mind cleaningbuy my own boat one daylive on little moneylearn a language

Live life to the fullest share joy and meet incredible people along the way.

My motivation and reasons to crew on a boat

visit remote placesfulfill a dreamcareer changeearn moneyfinding myselflearn to saillive off the gridsustainable traveltravel

Sailing has changed my life. I’d love the opportunity to share this ocean and sailing with as many people as I can.


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