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Owner & Captain/Skipper - always or often aboard
SY - Sailing Yacht, 13 m (43 ft), sail, monohull, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 DS
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Embark (Boarding)
ready now to embark anytime
preferably for at least 1 day and for less than 2 weeks
flexible, no specific date
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 Boarding location
Italy - Marche - visible to Crew members only
your specified boarding area is ? within this vessel's boarding location
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 Destination planned to take the vessel next
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 My current location where I'm in person
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 Home Port of Registry (registered vessel)
Poland - Pomeranian - visible to Premium Crew


L5   native
speaking natively like a local without a noticeable foreign accent
L4   fluent
speaking fluently with an extensive vocabulary, but with a foreign accent
L3   competent
speaking competently with a solid vocabulary on almost any topic
L2   elementary
speaking enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
L1   learning
not speaking the language, but learned enough to say simple sentences
L0   not proficient
may know a few words, but cannot form sentences or ask questions
Languages spoken aboard
native Italian
Vessel type, make and model
SY Sailing Yacht, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 DS
Vessel year
2001 built, and most recent major refit completed in 2023
Vessel main propulsion
Vessel hull type
Vessel length
13 metres (43 ft)
Vessel weight (displacement)
9.6 tonnes (21,168 lb)
Crew & guests aboard
usually 2 people aboard
cruising or day/weekend trips


Team request
position for individuals or teams
Nationality of crew
Gender of crew
Age of crew
preferably under 45 years of age
Height of crew
Weight of crew


Anyone and aboard an unrestricted diet is preferred
Anyone and aboard moderate drinking is allowed
Anyone and aboard any or no smoking is fine


Coastal/Ocean sea time
none required
Coastal/Ocean sea miles
none required


Recreational    generally unpaid positions, or contributing towards some agreed expenses

positions available
preferably for
 Crew   some experience
 Deckhand   any experience
crew is not expecting to be paid

Dear Shipmates


I am a skipper and sailing instructor with long experience, I got a boat license before driving license for the car.
I've always had a sailboat, first small, now a little bigger and hopefully much bigger in the future.
Over the years I have introduced sailing to many of my friends and now every summer, in August, we spend our holidays sailing in Croatia.
But I am available to sail throughout the year, along the central Italian Adriatic coast with old and new friends.

About the boat, the plans, and current crew

usually cleancomfortablevery safevessel is survey certifiedvery spacioususually single handedlive on little moneyhave a holidayshare experiencevisit remote places

Available for daily sailing in every period and for one or two weeks in Croatia during summer holidays.
Crew of friends, usually 2 to 4,
On board we don't have the spirit for the regattas but we love quiet sailing, comfort and the moments of relax with aperitif, good food, funny conversations and sometimes boardgames.
During the holidays we alternate nights in the marina with nights anchored in bays.

What is expected of the crew

clean & tidydiscreeteasy-goingfit & healthyfriendlyorganisedrespectfultrustworthyconfident swimmerrarely/unlikely seasickgood listenergood communicatoreager to learn & workpoliteLGBTIQA+ respectfulopen mindedsense of humorcan pay own expensesenjoy cookingdon't mind cleaningcan follow orderswill not bring a bicyclewill not bring a pet

The contribution to costs is only required during summer holidays in Croatia for one or two weeks but not for daily trips at the weekend.

Possibility to host on board or at home during the weekends.


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