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Find a Crew™ is the World's largest international online marine Crew & Boat network providing a point of introduction for mariners around the world.

Find a Crew™ is NOT a crew agent! The Find a Crew network is designed to help members to find a crew, or to find a crew position on a boat, a yacht, or a ship directly. Find a Crew™ is suited for people who like to make their own decisions about what is best for them.

A member can register both a Boat and a Crew profile with different email addresses, but a Boat profile cannot be converted into a Crew profile or vise versa because the profiles are different. A Boat profile is about a boat, while a Crew profile is about a person.

The username (which is your email address or member ID) to sign in must be unique to recognise the account. This is why you cannot use the same email address for different profiles.

If you do not have two email addresses, you can set up a free Gmail address, or many other free email providers such as Outlook by Microsoft,Yahoo! Mail, iCloud Mail by Apple, AOL, etc.

Note: Gmail allows you to have multiple email addresses with the one email by using the '+' before the '@' character and some text in between such as to receive messages.
For example, messages sent to are delivered to In addition you can set up filters to automatically direct these messages to apply a label or star, skip the inbox, or forward to another email account.

Yes, all members can provide personal recommendations to each other by simply completing the following steps:

1.Bring up the profile of the member you wish to provide a recommendation to.
2.Click on the 'thumbs up' icon in the top bar on the member's profile.
3.Provide the recommendation and click 'Send'.

The recommendation will then be pre-approved by a team member (to avoid scams, or abuse, etc)
Then the member is notified to approve the recommendation (making sure you know each other)
Once approved by the member, your recommendation will be shown to visitors and members.
Published recommendations cannot be edited or deleted (to maintain the integrity of the recommendation).

Please observe following basic rules to respect peoples privacy:
DO NOT include any boat names, contact details, email addresses or web links in your recommendation! First name use is ok.
DO NOT publish product advertising or promotions in your recommendation!
DO NOT disclose any personal or intimate details about people!
DO NOT name & shame individuals as defamation laws extend online. You are responsible for such content and any associated legal liabilities by writing or sharing hurtful or untrue content!

• we reserve the right, to edit or remove recommendations to comply
• members giving false or fake recommendations will be locked from using the network

If you provide a recommendation, follow these suggestions:
• Keep it relevant, factual and brief.
• Stick to the highlights of your praise about a person.
• Refer to specific periods, tasks or responsibilities.
• Avoid negativity, this also reflects on you how you publicly talk about other people.
• Avoid personal opinions about issues such as personality conflicts.

On Find a Crew™ your Crew profile is your digital resume. You can write (or copy and paste) information about yourself, your experience and expectations in your profile. Once you made contact, exchanged a few emails and feel comfortable with the people you connected, you can then forward your regular CV directly if necessary.

We don't recommend to upload your regular CV online for several reasons:
• Your CV or resume is a personal document with often personal information and contact details of yourself and other people (references) who may not appreciate having their details online for all to see.
• You should be in full control of your CV and know who is reading it!
• By not permitting any attachments on Find a Crew™ we can ensure that all our content is free of viruses. This is because in order for viruses to be unleashed they must either be contained in programs or documents that are downloaded and run, executed directly, or via macros.

To use this website we recommend a modern, or better, the latest version of your prefered Internet browser with Javascript and Cookies enabled (standard settings), such as:

Chrome by Google | Firefox by Mozilla | Edge / Internet Explorer 10 & 11 by Microsoft | Safari by Apple | Vivaldi | Opera

Note: We are no longer supporting Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7, 6, or below. There are known issues with IE9, which is outdated but unfortunately the highest IE version available on a Windows Vista PC. Those users will need to use Chrome, Firefox, or Opera instead. (Microsoft have released 4 more recent operating systems since Windows XP & Vista, which are W7, W8, W8.1, W10.)

Yes of course, all matching members can send waves (which is a message with your interest level only) to check mutual interest between each other first, without having to expose your privacy or contact details to total strangers.

Free members can send unlimited personal messages to Premium members who have messaged them during the last 45 days, as many 'yes', 'maybe' or 'decline' reply waves to Free members who contacted, and up to 10 requests per day.

No, upgrading to Premium is a personal choice and anyone can stay a Free member as long as they please. Premium membership is only required by at least one member interested to start exchanging personal messages.

There are no commissions, recurring charges, contracts, or mandatory fees for either Free or Premium members.

The benefit of Premium is that only Premium members have exclusive access to talk with matching Free members. Because, if everybody could chat with everyone it would quickly attract people who wouldn't be here to find a crew or to find a crew position.

But Premium is also of benefit to Free members who have connected with Premium members to know that other Free members can't just join the conversation uninvited with those Premium members unless they want them to.

No, the Premium membership is mainly to exchange personal messages and to stop Free members from sending lengthy messages uninvited. Free members can send up to 10 wave requests per day to check mutual interest with matching members first without having to pay anything, because we don't want anyone upgrading to Premium just to be told 'not interested'.

The Premium membership remains with the boat or crew member account it was paid for until it expires. Premium is available as a subscription for various fixed durations which cannot be suspended or partially refunded.


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