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Commercial or merchant positions are offered on vessels that engage in commercial and licensed activities with the main intent to generate a profitable income, providing services such as cargo or bulk transport, commercial fishing, public charters, cruises, diving, research or exploration.

Commercial ships must be licensed to engage in specific commercial activities and require its crew to hold and maintain valid qualifications and certifications that permit the vessel to operate under its licence. Commercial crew do not contribute to the journey and running costs of the ship.

Commercial crew are required to:
• achieve a profitable income and enable the vessel to cover its liabilities.
• demonstrate the exceptional performance that is consistently demanded from personnel and ship.
• maintain specific qualifications to permit lawful operation of the vessel, as requested by regulatory bodies, insurance companies, home port and local authorities.

Commercial crew options when joining a boat:
• work experience – can be unpaid or paid, but crew is not required to contribute to any expenses.
• paid positions – crew is paid on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual rate.

Commercial crew positions usually cover food, uniform, essential insurances and travel-related expenses (both to-and-from and on the boat). However, always check before signing anything!