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Welcome to Find a Crew, the World's largest international online Boat & Crew network.

By registering you agree to create this account under your real and true identity for your own use, and not on behalf of any other person.

Suspected misuse may result in an investigation, or immediate account closure without further notice.

To assist in an emergency, search or rescue situation, and to avoid duplicate, hoax, fake, or scam profiles, you are required to provide your real legal name and personal details (as in your passport). These details are not shared or visible to anyone without your approval.

All members can have their Personal Identity Verified securely, and will then display the PIV icon on their profile. However, the PIV is optional.

The Personal Identity Verification adds trust and credibility to a member, and is of great benefit in case the Coast Guard contacts us to establish the whereabouts of a missing crew or boat, and other crew who might be on the same vessel.

For example, someone only using the nickname 'Sunshine' in their profile can create a lot of unnecessary anxiety if we need to contact family and friends to find out if that could be the missing person.

We may request further verification, lock or blacklist accounts without notice if they are suspected of providing false or insufficient details.

We keep information while you are a member and after you have left us.

Find a Crew will retain records and usage data to improve the security and functionality of our network, combat fraud, reduce duplications, monitor engagement and for a variety of other purposes.

For example, we might be required to sort out a disagreement, stop fraud and abuse, prove that you had an account with us, investigate and defend actual or potential claims, follow our legal obligations and other purposes permitted by law, or the police or a court may request it as evidence.

In each case, the length of time that we require to keep the information may be different, but we will only retain records for as long as we need them.

To protect your privacy the entire network operates on a first name or a preferred first name basis only, and you can also keep your name 'Private' if you wish.

Unlike social media platforms, where you generally connect and share information with people you're already familiar with, on Find a Crew you are connecting with strangers!

This is why our network is designed to view profiles and engage with members without having to exchange personal identity or contact details upfront until you feel comfortable doing so.

Find a Crew does not index any member profiles to search engines or link or list them on any social media platforms – your privacy and online safety is our priority!

For your own safety, we strongly recommend to NEVER exchange personal contact details or exchange money with strangers online straight away or with people who don't provide credible information.

Please report any members to us who are asking you for money due to an 'emergency', payments to complete some 'paperwork or permits' for some incredible job offer, or any other questionable requests for personal details or money.

The moment you register an account here it will be electronically monitored, reviewed by moderators and reported by members for any suspicious behavior.

Unfortunately, there are also scammers, and others who may behave like scammers. We lock, blacklist and may report suspicious accounts without notice.

Most members joining the global Find a Crew network live and behave in the spirit of this amazing community – by being themselves, respecting others and following the guidelines that have helped Find a Crew become the leading global online crew portal with a safe, proven and consistent business model since 2004.

Welcome to Find a Crew, your online gateway to new harbours and shores!

visible to members
Strictly only one of your given names, or a short form!
• For example: 'Kate' instead of 'Katherina'.
Strictly no surnames, usernames, nicknames or initials!
• Misuse will result in account closure without notice!
Note However, we allow the use of a common given name, such as Alex or Lisa, if your given name is difficult to pronounce or for anonymity.
Enter your first given name only, as per your passport!
The given name (also known as the first name, or forename) is usually given to a person by the parents.
Privacy At anytime you can show your 'First Given name' as 'Private' by selecting 'private/not visible', unless you use a 'Preferred name' that will be shown as your name to all signed in members.
Note Visitors (not signed in people) will always see your name as 'Private'.
private/not visible
Enter your surname, as per your passport!
The surname (or family name, or last name) is usually the hereditary name shared by members of a family.
private/not visible
Password security
Even the strongest password is not secure if you share or store it in plain text format anywhere.
Therefore we never store or transmit any passwords on or from our servers in plain text format. Your password is “hashed”, which means it has been scrambled and encrypted using a set algorithm.