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What is the difference between Free and Premium Membership?
Membership Overview

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  ● Costs in AUD*** (same for either crew or boats - no rules) n/a Free $75 to $420
  ● YOU are always in full control, Find a Crew™ is NOT an agent!      
  ● View recreational, professional or commercial positions      
  ● Free phone support - over 65 phone locations in 23 countries      
  ● Free registration - no contracts, no fees      
  ● Free basic & advanced searching      
  ● Find members by distance from your location*, within n/a ±125km / 78mi ±10km / 6mi
  ● Search member profiles by listing ID number n/a    
  ● Your email address is NEVER publicly displayed n/a    
  ● Your profile is listed for 45 days after your last sign in n/a    
  ● Profile automatically goes on top of list, at every sign in! n/a    
  ● Change the online visibility of your profile any time n/a    
  ● Receive daily member match notification emails n/a    
  ● Free contacting - send a wave n/a    
  ● Unlimited 'Reply Yes / Maybe / No'  waves or messages per day n/a    
  ● Unlimited 'Contact' waves per day n/a 10 per day  
  ● Unlimited 'Contact' waves to the same member n/a once per 7 days  
  ● Exchange contact details with any matching members** n/a with Premium members only  
  ● Edit all pre-written messages n/a    
  ● Search profiles by keywords n/a    
  ● 20% extension discount on any Premium membership n/a    

* You are required to have your current location up to date to calculate the distance to other members provided location. For your accurate location any point around the world can be entered as a custom location via search or coordinates, or by selection from a list of saved locations (more private). 

** Only one party is required to be a Premium Member, either crew or boat member, to exchange contact details.

*** Goods & Services provided in Australia attract 10% GST (tax).

Payment Options

PREMIUM 3030 days
PREMIUM 9090 days
PREMIUM 180180 days
PREMIUM 365365 days

GST free (outside Australia)

Service is used in

$75.00Sign in
$150.00Sign in
$270.00Sign in
$420.00Sign in

Approximate conversion to

last updated 57 min. ago

≈ $69.54
≈ $139.08
≈ $250.34
≈ $389.41
Amounts are charged in Australian dollars (AUD), exchange rates may vary from your bank.
Average monthly value
$76 per month
$51 per month
$46 per month
$35 per month

Premium membership

• The Premium membership is NOT mandatory. Only one party, either crew or boat member, is required to be Premium to exchange contact details and send personal messages.
• You can stay a Free member for as long as you like to explore any suitable opportunities.
• All members can keep their contact details anonymous to protect their identity and privacy.
• Your membership is not used to attract or earn advertising revenue, nor to sell you stuff you didn't come here for. The Premium members contribution makes this network possible.
• Naturally, some members say the Premium membership is cheap, for some it's expensive, but most who experience the oceans using the Find a Crew™ network tell us it's priceless.

Payment method

Visa MasterCard American Express JCB PayPal , or talk to a personPremium membership is instantly active, unless a new member, or transaction is not approved or awaiting approval. No automatic renewals, and no ongoing commitments.


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  • Superyacht Jobs
  • Megayacht Jobs
  • Yacht Crew Jobs
  • Yacht Deliveries
  • Sailing Yacht Jobs
  • Motor Yacht Jobs

Jobs and Positions

  • Captain
  • Skipper
  • 1st Mate / Officer
  • Officer
  • Engineer
  • Bosun
  • Dive Instructor
  • Navigator
  • Deckhand
  • Steward
  • Hostess
  • Watch-keeper

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All exchange rates are provided by courtesy of themoneyconverter.com

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