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Yacht Crew Jobs and PositionsYacht Crew Jobs and Positions


Tell me about Find a Crew™ and Yacht Crew Jobs

Find a Crew™ caters for professional, recreational and commercial yacht crew jobs. If you are a new comer to the industry, or have been addicted to working on yachts for a long time, you will find something to interest you on the Find a Crew™ network. 
Our boat members are in destinations all over the world. The yachts can be small or large, basic or luxurious, and they all offer an exciting adventure or career. We have motor yachts, sailing yachts, research vessels, fishing boats, dive boats, tall ships and more. Positions on board can be paid, unpaid or share costs, and include all associated crew positions - Captain, Engineer, Deckhand, Hostess, Chef, Cook, Nanny, Team or Couple positions, delivery crew, competent crew, and even experienced or inexperienced passengers.
If you are searching for paid yacht crew jobs, you will find our data matching system very effective. Simply enter how much you wish to be paid, and it will be automatically matched against the boat profiles for you. You can also specify minimum boat length, number of people on board, countries you wish to work in etc, to ensure you get the best search results for you.


Recent boat members offering yacht crew positions

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  • Sailing Vessel (Catamaran), 12.2 meters (40 ft)
    Registered in
    United States, North America
    From 15-Jan-2015 to 31-Jan-2015, for 1 week to 1.4 weeks.
    waiting in
    United States, North America
    Languages English
    Available positions for
    Competent Crew, Deckhand, Cook,
    Planned destination
    Bahamas, North America
  • Sailing Vessel (Sloop), 18 meters (59 ft)
    Registered in
    Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, North America
    Ready now to 31-May-2016, for 1.4 weeks to 6 months.
    sailing in
    Panama, North America
    Languages Swedish, English, Spanish
    Available positions for
    Cook, Chef,
    Planned destination
    Panama, North America
  • Sailing Vessel (Ketch), 16.5 meters (54 ft)
    Registered in
    Canada, North America
    From 22-Mar-2015 to 22-May-2015, for 2 weeks to 2 months.
    cruising in
    British Virgin Islands, North America
    Languages English, French, Spanish
    Available positions for
    Watch-keeper, Experienced Passenger, Inexperienced Passenger,
    Planned destination
    Bermuda, North America
  • Sailing Vessel, 12.8 meters (42 ft)
    Registered in
    Netherlands, Europe
    From 1-Mar-2015 to 1-Jun-2015, for 2 months to 4 months.
    docked in
    Panama, North America
    Languages English
    Available positions for
    Delivery Crew, Competent Crew, Watch-keeper, Deckhand,
    Planned destination
    Australia, Oceania
  • Sailing Vessel (Sloop), 16 meters (52 ft)
    Registered in
    Greece, Europe
    From 1-Mar-2015 to 13-Apr-2015, for 5 months to 7 months.
    based in
    Greece, Europe
    Languages English, Greek
    Available positions for
    Cook, Deckhand, Hostess / Steward,
    Planned destination
    Greece, Europe


Recent crew members looking to find a yacht crew position

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Jobs and Positions

  • Captain
  • Skipper
  • 1st Mate / Officer
  • Officer
  • Engineer
  • Bosun
  • Dive Instructor
  • Navigator
  • Deckhand
  • Steward
  • Hostess
  • Watch-keeper

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