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Simply scroll or search the list of frequently asked questions related to the use of the Find a Crew™ website. In most cases you'll find an answer right here, if not, let us know with the form at the bottom of this page.

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About Find a Crew™

Where can I use Find a Crew™?

Anywhere! Find a Crew™ is worldwide and online. You can use Find a Crew™ anytime you have a reasonably good Internet connection, to find or fill positions around the globe.


Our member demographics is approximately 40% USA, 40% Europe, 8% Australia, and 12% ROW (Rest Of World).

What is Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ is the World's largest International Online Marine Crew & Boat Network providing a point of introduction for mariners around the world.

Find a Crew™ is NOT a Crew Agency - Our network is designed to help you find a good crew or a great boat to join by yourself, which provides a cheaper and faster alternative. Find a Crew™ is suited to people who like to make their own decisions about what is best for them. Crew agents are however also welcome to use our service if it helps them to find the right crew for their clients.

When should I use Find a Crew™?

Anytime! If you are looking for a new crew or a new crew job or position anywhere in the world, it is worth looking on Find a Crew™!

Why should I use Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ caters for Recreational, Professional and Commercial boating, for boats of all types and sizes, and for all associated position types and jobs. Visitors to the site can search and view profiles and have a look around, but must be a registered member to send waves or messages.

Find a Crew™ offers an alternative to finding or filling a position whereby members are in full control to make their own choices about what suits them best.


  • Privacy and Security - Our members are in full control of who gets their email address, minimizing the chances of being 'spammed'. All personal data entered is SSL Secure encrypted, and we DO NOT store any credit card details when making payments. Payments are made via a secure online payment gateway, which communicates directly with the member's bank.
  • Make contact instantly - Members can contact any listed crew or boat member who matches their profile to let them know that they are interested. Free members can upgrade to Premium member if, and when they like, to exchange contact details.
  • Value for money - Find a Crew™ has an established reputation for its privacy, security and the high quality of its network. Only one party, crew or boat member, is required to become a Premium member to exchange contact details with matching members with no other charges such as commissions or hiring fees. Premium members can contact as many matching members as the like to make sure they have the best choices available.
  • Customer Service - Yes - we are an online service, but we are also a business that is run by real people. You can call us at over 65 phone numbers in 23 countries around the world, and offer fantastic email support 24/7/365. We are here to help!
Who is Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ is a central point of introduction for people from all over the world of all walks of life. It is not a crew agency, not a forum, and not a social networking website.


Find a Crew™ is Australian owned, managed and developed, and is based in locations around the world with its head office in Australia at the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba.

Our team

Find a Crew™ is home to a team of diverse, dynamic and dedicated people with backgrounds from marine, marketing, IT&C (Information Technology & Communications), travel, education and human resource. 


Our history

Find a Crew™ was founded at the Sunshine Coast, Australia in October 2004, and launched on December 1st, 2004.
Its unique approach to finding a crew quickly attracted thousands of members from around the world in a very short time and placed Find a Crew™ in a leading position within the marine crew industry in less than a year.

Ever since, Find a Crew™ has helped thousands of people to get on the water, find crew for their boats, and introduced the start of many careers, new adventures and friendships.

With the success of the first five years, Find a Crew™ has become an established and leading participant in the nautical online industry. Based on the success and expertise we have in this industry, the original founders formed a new company called NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd, under which umbrella Find a Crew™ belongs to as of 1 October 2009, and NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd is the flag ship for other projects and acquisitions.


Find a Crew™ has active Members in over 135 countries, receives daily member payments originating from over 125 countries, and has over 60 convenient Find a Crew™ telephone support locations around the World (see 'Contact Us').

Your Account

I am getting too many emails. What can I do?

Limiting emails from members:

Only matching Premium Members can send you an email message. If you are still getting too many messages from members who are not what you are looking for, you can further reduce the matches by making use of the 'mandatory' feature. Simply tick the 'Mandatory' box available on relevant criteria, but keep in mind that this can dramatically reduce your matches.


Limiting emails from Find a Crew™:

Find a Crew™ makes every attempt to only send you emails that you might wish to receive. However to make sure you get the most benefit from our network we need to communicate with you.


You can change your email preferences any time via the Account menu (click on the steering wheel icon at the top of your profile).


• 'Personal Wave Summary' emails: Waves are contact or replies from Free Members that are summarised in an email which frequency you can select that suits you. 


• 'Daily Member Match Notification' emails: These emails notify you about matching new and updated member profiles. You can select if you wish to receive only 'new', updated' or both member matches and what the minimum percentage match should be. You will not receive any match notification emails if your availability is in the past.


Newsletter Emails: You can disable or enable them as you wish.


Alert & Update Emails: You can disable or enable them as you wish.


Reminder emails: These emails are essential to make sure you are aware that you have an account with Find a Crew™. If you no longer wish to have an account you can delete it any time via your control panel or a link you'll find on nearly all emails sent to you via our system.

Can I suspend, hide or delete my account?

Yes - you can do any of that anytime. Simply click the steering wheel icon in the top right menu section when signed in to suspend your profile, change your visibility, or delete your account.


  • SUSPEND My Profile: Profile is still visible. Visitors and members can still view your profile and you can write a brief message to inform others about your status. You can also tick the box if you no longer wish to be contacted by any members.
  • VISIBILITY: Choose who can see your profile. You can select who is able to view your profile, or even make it Silent. A Silent profile can not be seen by anyone unless you contact them, but you can still keep logging in to check your profile against others.
  • DELETE Account: Account closed - Profile is gone. Use this feature if you wish to close your member account. Your profile can no longer be accessed by you or viewed by any member. Your email address can now be used again to register for a new account. After 90 days of deleting an account you can no longer request an account recovery. A recovery fee will apply.

Important note to keep in mind:

  • • While your profile is suspended or hidden, your Premium Membership will not be suspended or de-activated and you will still have full functionality of your Premium Member status.
  • • You can resume your suspended profile again, anytime you like.
  • • Your profile will automatically be hidden, but NOT deleted, from the listing if you have not singed in in to your account for more than 45 days.
  • • Any time you sign in again, your profile will be placed at the top of the listing.


What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, simply click on Forgot Password (in the Member sign in box) and enter your email address. Your current password will instantly be emailed to you.


To sign in (or login), you will need to enter your Username. which is your full email address or member number, and your chosen password.

I am having trouble signing in - what should I check?

To sign in, you will need to enter your Username, which is your full email address or member number and your chosen password.


If you have trouble signing in, make sure that cookies are enabled. For more info about cookies, see the About Cookies page. You can also try to sign in on another computer to check if it is the settings on the one you were using.

Can I have a Boat and Crew profile?

Yes - you can have both a Boat and Crew profile, however you will need a different email address for each profile. Your email address is your user name (you can also use your member number once you have registered) and this has to be unique for you to sign in.


If you do not have two email addresses, you can create a second one using a free online service such as Gmail, Hotmail etc.

Your Profile

Can I look for a romance/love relationship on Find a Crew™?

Yes, you can look for romance or love on our network, provided you respect members who are not seeking romance and you are not contacting them. Although Find a Crew™ is not designed to be a dating website, we prefer all members to be honest about their intentions and only contact like-minded members, this is why we have this 'romance' relationship option.


What do the selections mean for 'seeking a romance/love relationship'?


No romance/love............

(default selection)

Regardless that many people might be open to a romantic relationship with the right person, this option is clearly for members using the Find a Crew™ network to find a crew or a boat member with no intention for a romance/love relationship.
Your profile will be visible to all visitors, and members who are not seeking a relationship.



(only for members

over 18 years of age)

For members who are only interested to meet matching members seeking a romance or love.

This is under no circumstance a commitment by or to any member, and shall only be understood as an informal expression to be open to romance/love. We will certainly not provide a system to establish what type of relationship. For this you should discuss any expectations in detail with members before getting involved with anyone!

Your profile will only be visible to members who are seeking a matching relationship.


Either (No, or Yes)...........

(only for crew members over 18 years of age)

For crew members who don't mind if boat member is seeking a romance or love relationship.
Make sure you discuss any expectations in detail before getting involved with anyone!
Your profile will be visible to all visitors, and visible to either Boat members who are not, or Boat members who are seeking a matching relationship.


  Note: The 'either' option is not available for boat members, because if both crew and boat select 'either' the algorithm will result in a no match.


Time Durations on Find a Crew™ to calculate pay rates.


To compare different working hours per week a standard calculation is applied.


  Hour Day Week Month Year
Hour 1 24 168 730 8,760
Day 8 1 7 30.42 365
Week 40 5 1 4.33 52
Month 173.33 21.66 4.33 1 12
Year 2,080 260 52 12 1

green background = total durations
blue background = standard work durations (including holiday & absent leave, if applicable)



20 hours/week: $21,000/year salary = $20.19/hour, $161.54/day, $807.69/week, or $3,500.00/month.
40 hours/week: $42,000/year salary = $20.19/hour, $161.54/day, $807.69/week, or $3,500.00/month.
50 hours/week: $52,500/year salary = $20.19/hour, $161.54/day, $807.69/week, or $3,500.00/month.

What are QuickLists™?

QuickLists™ is where you find 'My Shortlist', 'My Blocklist' and a 'Since my last 'Sign in' list'. Simply click on 'Quicklists' at the top of your profile.

• Any members you block from viewing or contacting your profile will be in your 'Blocklist'. 

• 'Since my last sign in list' shows you the member activity since you last signed in.

• You can add members to your Shortlist or Blocklist by clicking the link below the picture in the member profile.

What are the 'Dear Shipmates' info guidelines?

Keep in mind:

• Find a Crew™ does not endorse the content of any comments posted by any member on this network.

• Find a Crew™ reserves the right to edit or remove any profile comments at any time.

• Find a Crew™ reserves the right to block, or delete member profiles of abusers.

• Make sure you read the below section of what NOT to include in your 'Dear Shipmates' info.

• Complaints about a member profile should be submitted via the 'Contact us' page.


What to include in the 'Dear Shipmates' info:

• Your 'Dear Shipmates' info should answer the question: 'Why would someone be interested to contact you?'

• Your 'Dear Shipmates' info should focus on your personality, background and intentions

• Write your profile on a 'First name' basis to avoid identity theft or stalking.


What NOT to include in the 'Dear Shipmates' info:

Find a Crew™provides this network for you to meet with new people, or so called strangers. To protect your privacy, maintain a professional standard, avoid identity theft, and to minimise the interest of spammers & scammers to our network, we respectfully request that you refrain from including any of the following in your 'Dear Shipmates' info:

• No code or URLs in your 'Dear Shipmates' info... they will be deleted.

• Commenting on, or about other member's profile.

• Profanity, obscenities, spiteful or violent remarks.

• Single-word or nonsensical comments. 

• Phone numbers, mailing addresses, emails, or any other contact information of any kind.

• Do not include your, or anyone else's last or family name, or the name of the boat.

• Solicitations of any kind.

• Promotions or advertisements of your own, or someone else's business, organisation or web site.

• No impersonation of Find a Crew™, or any other false representation.


What are the 'Extra information for Premium Members' guidelines?

This section is only visible to Premium Members! Hence, only people who have identified themselves via a payment transaction can read this. Making this information permanently inaccessible to possible spammers or scammers.


You can provide additional information here such as contact details, websites, referees, phone numbers etc.

However, we strongly recommend to not include contact details of people who might not appreciate being called in the middle of the night, or being contacted by some complete strangers.

What are the language proficiency levels?

Your first language selection must always be your native language. You can add up to four additional languages, and change the level of proficiency on those.

Proficiency Description
native you speak without a foreign accent
fluent you speak fluently like a native with some foreign accent
acceptable you can speak on a professional level, sufficient to gain work
limited you can speak enough to get by, but may get lost in a conversation
very limited you don't really speak the language, but you can understand a few words
What are the 'Picture upload' guidelines?
Although, we generally don't censor uploaded pictures, we reserve the right to do so.
• You agree to have permission of people shown in your pictures to be displayed on your profile.
• Uploaded pictures with boat names, names, emails, websites, brochures or product advertising will be edited or removed.
• We reserve the right to mark a picture as 'Explicit', that might be explicit or offensive to some.
  ('Explicit' pictures can only be viewed by members who selected that option in their account settings.)
• We do not remove profile pictures featuring naked people, but may mark them as 'Explicit'.
• We do not approve cover or account pictures featuring naked people.
• Any picture comments are visible to everyone (visitors and members), once reviewed by Find a Crew™.


Supported file types are JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, or TIFF.
Pictures must be at least 300x300 pixels, and no larger than 6000x6000 pixels.
Pictures larger than 500x500 pixels are recommended.

If you are experiencing problems uploading a picture, please email it to us at picture@findacrew.net with your
listing ID number in the subject line. We will crop, resize, and upload it to your profile for you.

What are the position types?

What are Recreational, Professional, Commercial positions?

Click on links below to view specific pages:




What is a 'Professional' position type?

Professional positions are offered on boats that hire mostly paid, and usually qualified or specifically trained crew aiming to achieve a goal other, or rather than just a profitable income, such as professional racing, private or corporate (but licensed!) charters, private expeditions, etc.


Professional position require from the crew:

• to achieve a profitable income, and enable the boat to cover its liabilities.

• exceptional performance is usually consistently demanded from personnel and boat.

• to maintain specific qualifications to permit lawful operation of the vessel as requested by regulatory bodies, insurance companies, home port and local (visiting) government authorities.


Professional positions offer:

• Work experience (if unpaid; crew is not paid by boat, but crew is not required to contribute to costs)

• Paid jobs (boat is paying crew on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual rate)


Any professional or commercial positions usually cover food, uniform, essential insurances, travel expenses to, while on, and from the boat. However, always check before signing anything!

What is a 'Commercial' position type?

Commercial positions are offered on all boats that engage in licensed, commercial activities with the main intend to generate a profitable income, such as commercial fishing, public charter, boat hire, cruises, diving, research, cargo or bulk transport.


Commercial position require from the crew:

• to achieve a profitable income, and enable the boat to cover its liabilities.

• exceptional performance is usually consistently demanded from personnel and boat.

• to maintain specific qualifications to permit lawful operation of the vessel as requested by regulatory bodies, insurance companies, home port and local (visiting) government authorities.


Commercial positions offer:

• Work experience (if unpaid; crew is not paid by boat, but crew is not required to contribute to costs)

• Paid jobs (boat is paying crew on a hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual rate)


Any professional or commercial positions usually cover food, uniform, essential insurances, travel expenses to, while on, and from the boat. However, always check before signing anything!

What is the definition for an owner, personnel, captain, crew, or a guest on a boat?

Owner: The owner can be an individual person, a group of people, a company or an organisation that owns the boat. The owner is liable for any expenses arising to insure the boats' safe operation, if berthed or at sea.

Personnel: The personnel are all officers, crew and employees hired by the owner for the administration, operation and service on or off the boat. All personnel are employed by the owner, but are appointed directly or indirectly by the captain.   

The Captain (Commanding Officer, CO): The captain has the ultimate responsibility for the operation and safety of the boat, all crew and its guests. The commanding officer of the boat cannot be overridden, not even by the owner, in matters of directing the boat's operation. An owner can dismiss the captain from command, but cannot interfere with the operation of the boat while the captain is in command.

Crew: A crew is a person that is invited or hired to serve aboard a vessel participating paid or unpaid in allocated operational duties. While on an aircraft in flight, any personnel operating or servicing are considered crew, on boats all personnel operating or serving aboard are distinguished as officers and crew.
IMPORTANT: A crew is not permitted to invite or hire other crew, or to invite guests aboard on their own accord or on behalf of someone else without the permission of the captain, or the captains order.

Guest: A guest is a person who is under the responsibility and care of one or several crew and is under no obligation to complete any participation, work or operational duties. However, all guests have to follow the orders of the captain, regardless if given in person, via a crew, as a written notice or by a printed symbol (e.g.: no smoking). A guest may pay for this privilege, or may be invited by the owner or the captain to come aboard without having to pay. Recreational boats are not permitted to take paying guests aboard.

IMPORTANT: A guest is not permitted to invite other guests or other crew aboard the boat without the permission of the captain, or the captains order.

What is the 'Member to member menu' about?

You will see various options in your 'member to member menu', depending on the 'known' level you select between you and an opposite member type you are looking at. 


Watch: (minimum known level required: 0 – I never had any contact with this member)

You can Watch list members that are of of interest to you, or are your favourites, so you can find them easily again later on.


Stop: (minimum known level required: 0 – I never had any contact with this member)

Stop listing will stop a member from showing up in your match results and your email notifications, but they can still see your profile and contact you. You are not blocking or blacklisting them as such.


Block / Ban(minimum known level required: 1 – This member contacted me, or sent me a 'wave')

If you block a member you are blacklisting them. This means that you don't want anything to do with those members and they will not be able to see your profile or contact you when they are signed in.


Member Notes(minimum known level required: 0 – I never had any contact with this member)

Write your personal notes to keep track of interviews, meetings, chats or experiences you have had with the member. This information is not shared with the member or anyone else, and is only available to Premium members.


Provide Reference: (minimum known level required: 3 – I've spent some time with this member)

A personal reference is a great way to help members of the Find a Crew™ network you know well and spent a great time with to find their next crew or position. It creates a trusted community of mariners.


What should I know about the payment & contribution options?

Selecting your payment or contribution option is not a contractual agreement, but an indication of what you are looking for. Please always make sure that you clearly communicate any financial arrangements before agreeing to a position.

Selecting your Payment type

• contribute (Recreational only) >> Crew contributes to share some agreed expenses.
• unpaid (usually Recreational positions) >> crew is not expecting to be paid, or to share any expenses
• paid (can be any position type) >> crew is paid or reimbursed by boat

Crew members can select all, or some payment types. Boat members can only select one of the payment types because a boat member cannot expect a crew to contribute and be paid at the same time. However, entering a zero minimum amount for 'range' or just selecting 'maximum (at most)', will automatically include 'unpaid' payment type.

Selecting 'My currency'
Regardless of what currency you select, it will automatically calculate the amount to any other members selected currency in your match or search result, based on the most recent exchange rate.

Selecting your Duration
Regardless of what duration you select (per Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year), your duration will automatically calculate the equivalent to any other members selected duration for your match or search result, based on following calculation:

1 year = 12 month, 52 weeks, or 260 work days, 1 month = 4.33 weeks, 1 week = 5 work days, 1 work day = 8 hours

Who can see and read my 'Dear Shipmates' info?

By default the 'Dear Shipmates' info (three sections with blue edit background) is visible to Premium members and Free Crew members while you are a Premium Boat member, or visible to Free Boat members while you are a Premium Crew member.


In addition you can also make your 'Dear Shipmates' info only visible to either Free Boat or Free Crew members who you 'Contact' or 'Reply Yes/Maybe' to for up to 45 days while you are a Premium member.


Why add a teammate?

Add your teammate to your crew profile if you are available as a team or a couple. Boat members will then find your profile when looking for crew who are available as a team.

Add a teammate:
• Link your profile with one, or several, listed Find a Crew™ crew members, or
• Select a teammate who is (unfortunately) not yet a crew member on Find a Crew™, and provide some basic information.

Tip: Share the Premium membership with PIV crew teammates if you or one of your teammates is a Premium member.
All active PIV crew teammates (Personal Identity Verified) in this team will automatically share, at no extra cost, the Premium membership while at least one teammate is a Premium member.

How do I update or edit my profile?

It is important to keep your profile up to date at all times, and on Find a Crew™, you can manage your profile yourself and change any details at any time. You can access all sections of your profile and account in the Account menu (click on the steering wheel icon at the top of your profile), or click on the Edit tabs next to each section when you are viewing your own profile.


You can change email address or contact details, update visibility status or other profile criteria in the Account menu.


You can put as much detail as you like in the Dear Shipmates sections, but if you want to put in extra contact information, please only put it in the 'For Premium Members only' box. You can also put websites in this area - we do not accept them in the other text fields as we do not want companies trying to promote products or services in this way.

How can I further customise my profile?

When you sign in, go to 'Settings'  in your Account menu (click on the steering wheel at the top of your profile) to change following features to suit yourself:


  • Time Zone - set your local time so you don't get calls at midnight!
  • Default Currency - shows you currency to see what the exhcange rate is when you upgrade to Premium Member (all payments processed in Australian Dollars)
  • Default Coordinate format and unit for distance
  • Default language
  • Picture options


You can also change your email settings. Choose the format you want, which emails you wish to recieve from us, and the percentage match of your daily notifications.

Making a good profile

Your Find a Crew™ profile is there for two reasons - to tell people who you are and what you are looking for, and to make people want to find out more about you.

Making a decision of whether or not you want to contact someone can be made very quickly as you scan the profile summaries. Instinct plays a big part in meeting people in any situation, and it is no different online. Remember, the people viewing your profile use the same instincts as you. They know nothing about you, so anything you can tell them about yourself will be useful. If your profile shows character, you will have more chance of being contacted.


From the moment it is live, people are viewing your profile, so if you have not shown who you are straight away, you may miss opportunities from the beginning. It is a good idea to write your text in Word first, then copy it across, and remember to Save it! Make sure you keep it up to date as your details change, so that you always get the relevant profiles to match yours.


Upload a photo! Yes - it is true - the photo is most of the time the first thing people will look at. It is human instinct to be drawn to faces, and people will know very quickly if they want to know more about you from looking at your photo. Profiles with photos do attract a higher success rate.


If you do not feel comfortable to have a photo of yourself online, it may be a good idea to write in the text that you will provide photos when contact is made. Also think about what message the photo gives the viewer. The old cliché of 'a picture says a thousand words' makes no exceptions online.

Giving, receiving and checking References

Can I write a negative reference?

Yes, but we will NOT show it on either profile. Firstly, there is no merit in doing so, because a reference is your view and is therefore subjective even if it appears factual. Secondly, it's not legal in most countries and you and our network could be held accountable for possible defamation. 

But what if I want to warn other people?
DON'T take the law in your own hands! If a person is a risk to other people or committed a crime, we suggest you contact the respective or available authorities (Police, Coast Guard, Harbour Master, Fire Brigade, Family Services, etc). Posting on blogs, forums or any other unauthorised outlet helps no one else then warn the (possible) offender that it is time to change his or her identity or conduct their offences in a less obvious way and reminding them to leave less evidence behind next time.

How can members give each other personal references?

Boat members can give references to crew members only, and crew members to boat members only.

Four simple steps to submit your personal member reference:
• 1. Bring up the member profile of the person you wish to give a reference to.
• 2. In the 'member to member menu' select how you know this member.
• 3. You will see the 'Provide reference' link appear when the page reloads.
• 4. Click on this and write the reference.

• Find a Crew™ will pre-approve your reference before the member will receive it (to avoid scams, or abuse, etc).
• The receiving member can approve or disapprove the reference (making sure you know each other).
• Following that, your reference will be shown on both member profiles to visitors and members.

Please follow these basic rules to observe members privacy:
(we reserve the right, to edit or remove your member reference to comply)
DO NOT disclose any personal or intimate details about people! First name use in text is ok.
DO NOT make product advertising or promotions in your reference to a member!
DO NOT write any boat names, personal contact details, email or web addresses in your reference!

References are linked to each others profiles. Either profile can be viewed with as little or as much details that each member is comfortable to disclose.

NOTE: Members giving false or fake references to other members will be locked from using the network!

Tips for a having postive reference or experience.

BE HONEST but respectful from the start! COMMUNICATE, talk or don't talk as and when appropriate before a situation turns bitter. LISTEN to verbal and non verbal input from your peers.
We wish that all experiences of our members are positive and recommend these points:
DON'T ASSUME! Assumption is the mother of all trouble.
ASK as many questions that are of importance to you.

• Use common sense, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
• Be respectful, your manners come before your ideologies.
• Never feel obliged or pressured into an uncomfortable situation.
THINK THEN TALK! If stressed take a breath, have a break, and think before you talk.
• Don't argue or try to resolve an issue when aggravated.
• The Captain's word is final!
• Don't like it, leave as soon as possible.
• Always tell someone with whom and where you are going, and when you'll be back.
• Always have a PLAN B, in case the first plan doesn't work out.

Are references ever removed on Find a Crew™?
No, not usually. Because for references to be of value, they shouldn't be written to suit a particular situation, occasion or aspiration. They should be true, honest and sincere with no need for continuous changes or updates. A reference captures and describes a persons reflection by an other person over a particular period in time. By not permitting references to be removed it massively reduces the likely hood of fake references being submitted.

Naturally, if a reference is proven to be dishonest or misleading it will be removed by Find a Crew™.

Why and when give a reference, and what is a reference?

Why give a reference?
A reference is most important when meeting new people. Giving a reference on Find a Crew™ allows you to leave comments about your experiences with another member in an honest and respectful way. It will help members asking the right questions and form their opinion of what they might be expecting.
Giving a reference is a modest way of saying thank you to a person for the shared experiences you did encounter.

When should I give a reference?
We recommend that you give a references every time for crew members who did crew on your boat, or boat members who you did crew for, or if you have had any other significant interaction.

What is a reference?
Your reference is a description of your experience with that person during the time you spent together on professional or private bases. It is most important to keep in mind that a reference is NOT necessarily a true assessment of that person in general as the reference from you for the very same person could be very different under different circumstances.

Does Find a Crew™ do reference checking?

Find a Crew™ is not a crew agent but a global online network and hence does not do background or reference checking for members. Find a Crew™ focuses on providing an efficient platform to make new connections and introductions between members.

The system is designed to help you find a great crew or a great boat to join without us getting directly involved in any negotiations or your decisions. This also involves for you to take responsibility for your own actions and decision making. However, you can always email, or call us on any of our over 65 phone locations in 23 countries around the world if you are unsure, and we will do our best to help.

Just like meeting new people in any situation, YOU are best to decide what feels right for you and how much background checking you want to do before taking it further. Most people will have no hesitation providing you with references and more information. Your instinct and personal experiences will play a large part in your decision once you have established direct contact.

Reporting Abuse

Who do I report to if I have a problem with another member?

It depends what the problem is. If you are being harassed by a member with repeated emails through our message system, you can block that member from seeing your profile or being able to send more messages.


If you have come across a suspicious profile which may be a scam or a spammer, please let us know straight away so that we can look into it further.


In the rare and unfortunate case that things don't work out on a journey you can let us know, but be aware that we are not in the position to judge a situation or person based on another person's comments. We cannot lock a member profile just because you didn't have a good time, but we can do so if we are notified by relevant authorities.


We suggest that if you have had to fear for your or other people's lives or have been abused in any way, you should report it to the local authorities (police, coast guard etc).


More importantly, before you do take further steps with any new people you meet, please ask a lot of questions, discuss all arrangements in detail, get some references, and always have a Plan B in case things don't go as planned.

How does Find a Crew™ deal with spammers and scammers?

Find a Crew™ has many features implemented in order to make if unattractive to be used by scammers and spammers. 


We have systems in place to detect anyone who seems suspicous, and we lock most attempts before they go live. If one does get through, we usually find it within a short time, but if you see a member who you think may be a fraud profile, please let us know so that we can look into it further.

Personal Safety

How does the personal identity verification (PIV) work?
  Personal Identity Verified - PIV members display this icon on their profile.

At Find a Crew™ we have a Personal Identity Verification system, or 'PIV' for short, to make sure people are who they say they are. This is not a compulsory process, but it assures you that every member profile that shows a PIV icon has been manually checked by a Find a Crew™ staff member (yes, a real person) for the member's:

• legal name (first and last name - can be hidden by the member on the profile)

• gender

• date of birth (is never shown on a profile, but the age is always shown)

• a photo that clearly shows your face (this photo is never shown on the profile)

• a legitimate online transaction (can be in your name, a family member or friend - as long as it is not rejected)
• acceptance of terms


Click following questions for more details:

What are the personal identity verification (PIV) terms?

PIV Terms: Find a Crew™ members who have their 4-step Personal Identity Verification (PIV) completed are expected to provide their real names, age and gender, which are individually checked by one of our Find a Crew™ staff members against submitted legal documents.

Here are some commitments PIV members make to us and our members in maintaining their account:
1. You will not provide any false personal or misleading information on Find a Crew™.
2. You will not create an account for anyone other than yourself without permission.
3. You will not use the Find a Crew™ network if you are convicted for a serious crime. (sex offence, drugs, etc)
4. You will keep your contact information accurate and up-to-date. (various individual visibility settings are available)
5. You will not let anyone else access your account, or do anything that compromises the security of your account.
6. You will not transfer your account to anyone.
7. You will respect the privacy of other members and will not share their personal details and information with anyone.
8. You are respectful with any member you are communicating with.
9. You will lose your PIV status, and possible closure of account, if you breach this agreement or any of our terms.


Why is a payment for the personal identity verification (PIV) required?

Your uploaded documents are visually checked by one of our staff members, which takes time and costs money. Please note we do not employ any temporary or casual staff for this confidential process, and only staff are doing these checks who have been with Find a Crew™ for at least 3 years.

You don't need to make a Verify payment:
If you already made a valid Premium payment in the last 12 months with this member account.

You will have to make a Verify payment:
If you haven't made any payments in the last 12 months, or have already had a PIV approval but changed any PIV details since then again. You can either upgrade to Premium, or make a $20.00* AUD (Australian Dollars) Verify payment.
* plus 10% Goods & Services Tax applies in Australia

Please allow up to 24 hours for the payment verification to be confirmed. If a payment is rejected by the financial institution at a later date your PIV status will be removed instantly.

What official document is required for the personal identity verification (PIV)?

The personal identity verification (PIV) is a basic check by a Find a Crew™ staff member of your legal name (full name), gender, date of birth, a record of your photo, a legitimate online transaction, and your acceptance of terms.

For that we require at least one legal document that states your full name, date of birth and photo, which you can securely upload. Preferably you take a picture of your document with your phone or camera, or scan it, such as:

• either a valid Drivers licence with photo

• or a valid Passport with photo

• or a valid 'Proof of Age Card' with photo

• or a valid Maritime qualification or licence with photo

All these documents are fully SSL secure uploaded and stored, and not visible to anyone except our staff. You might be asked to upload additional documents if your documents are not readable, don't provide enough information, or contradict information in your profile.

Is it safe to provide someone with a copy of my passport?

If you are worried about it DON'T DO IT. Technically however, it is fine to give a copy of your passport or drivers licence, provided it is a copy only and never the original. But don't start handing out copies on the streets now. Still make sure who ever you are providing a copy to has an identity too, or is a registered entity such as a university or a business.


There are no secrets in your passport - just your name, gender, birth date - all of which are public information and most likely available via white pages, social media, online CV/resumes, newspaper notices, government notices, sporting events, etc.


The difference being that your legal documents are an official proof of your identity, while any other publication is not. It does not have any bank account or credit card details or numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, work history, etc. so identity theft is unlikely to be an issue.


Most people are not able to produce an authentic, legal document such as a passport, drivers licence or maritime certification - and those who do will risk criminal prosecution and severe penalties. While anyone can pretty much write what ever they like in their CV or any common application form and are unlikely to be expecting any jail time for it. 


Is it safe to provide someone with a copy of my passport?

If you are worried about it DON'T DO IT. Technically however, it is fine to give a copy of your passport or drivers licence, provided it is a copy only and never the original. But don't start handing out copies on the streets now. Still make sure who ever you are providing a copy to has an identity too, or is a registered entity such as a university or a business.


There are no secrets in your passport - just your name, gender, birth date - all of which are public information and most likely available via white pages, social media, online CV/resumes, newspaper notices, government notices, sporting events, etc.


The difference being that your legal documents are an official proof of your identity, while any other publication is not. It does not have any bank account or credit card details or numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, work history, etc. so identity theft is unlikely to be an issue.


Most people are not able to produce an authentic, legal document such as a passport, drivers licence or maritime certification - and those who do will risk criminal prosecution and severe penalties. While anyone can pretty much write what ever they like in their CV or any common application form and are unlikely to be expecting any jail time for it. 

Why is a payment for the personal identity verification (PIV) required?

Your uploaded documents are visually checked by one of our staff members, which takes time and costs money. Please note we do not employ any temporary or casual staff for this confidential process, and only staff are doing these checks who have been with Find a Crew™ for at least 3 years.

You don't need to make a Verify payment:
If you already made a valid Premium payment in the last 12 months with this member account.

You will have to make a Verify payment:
If you haven't made any payments in the last 12 months, or have already had a PIV approval but changed any PIV details since then again. You can either upgrade to Premium, or make a $20.00* AUD (Australian Dollars) Verify payment.
* plus 10% Goods & Services Tax applies in Australia

Please allow up to 24 hours for the payment verification to be confirmed. If a payment is rejected by the financial institution at a later date your PIV status will be removed instantly.

Meeting people over the internet

Meeting new people online is not a lot different to meeting them in a pub, through a friend or by answering a newspaper ad - your instincts will guide you as to whether or not you feel comfortable. To help your instincts though, we cannot stress enough to ask lots of questions! The more you know from the start, the less surprises there will be.


If you contact people directly via email to ask questions and build your relationship, make sure you save all the emails so that you can refer to them in case of any confusion later on.


Before you meet someone..

Ask Questions! (see Example list of Questions to ask!)

It is a good idea to meet the person for the first time somewhere public, rather than having them pick you up from the hotel, or going straight to the boat. Meet at the airport, local cafe or bar. Spend some time having a chat. This also enables you to see how they treat other people - waiter etc - are they rude and demanding, or friendly and relaxed.


Always have a Plan B! If you find you are feeling uneasy around someone, there is usually a reason for it, so it is important to have thought through what you will do if it does not work out. It is a good idea to discuss this with the other person as well if you do sail together to give you both the reassurance and protection which makes you feel more comfortable.

Example list of Questions to ask

We can never generalise about what members expect from each other as every single situation is different.

From when you register your profile on Find a Crew™, think about what you are really after. If you are contacted by someone on the first day, be ready with questions and details of your own situation. The more questions you ask, the less surprises there will be.

While most of our members report fantastic experiences, it can be very distressing if things don't work out how you would like. Many of these situations can be avoided just by asking more questions from the beginning.

Questions such as:

Boat Info
• What safety equipment does the boat have, and what is in need of repair?
• What condition is the boat in?
• Who does the maintenance on the boat?
• What communication tools are onboard (email, sat phone etc)?
• Who is responsible for any expenses related to the boat, mooring etc?
• Who owns the boat?
• Are there any crew from a previous trip that I can talk to?

Position description / expectations / responsibilities
• Financial commitment from either side?
• Is it a paid position? What is the rate and conditions of pay?
• Expenses while onshore?
• What will be your responsibilities?
• What do you expect from the other party?
• Is there smoking / drinking onboard?
• Physical / emotional relationship expectations?
• How much free time will you have?
• Expectations from both sides of free time activities - onboard and onshore.
• Who does the cooking and daily domestic duties?
• Must a uniform be worn? Who provides the uniform?
• Travel expenses - who covers them?
• Travel to and from the boat - how, how much, where?
• Where will you meet for the first time?
• Must the crew pay a fee or contribute to any other expenses?
• What skills, qualifications and experience are required by crew?

Journey Details
• What is the expected route of travel and how long do they plan to be underway?
• Who are the other people on board, and how often and why do they change crew?
• Who will be on this trip with you?
• Any special luggage requirements - climate conditions?
• What is the time schedule of the trip?
• Will you have your own quarters?

Insurance / Visas / Passports
• Is the boat or crew insured, and who is responsible for this?
• Do you have the correct visas for the areas you will travel to?
• Is your passport valid for longer than the time you will be away?

Other questions
• Have they had crew/ found a boat through FAC or a similar site before?
• Can they provide personal and / or professional references?
• Can you swim?
• Are you familiar / comfortable with first aid procedures?
• Do you get seasick?
• What is Plan B if things don't work out?

There will be many more to relate to each situation, but the more time and thought you put into this side of things, the better your experience will be!

Passports, Visas and Insurance

Make sure you have checked that your documents are in order before you leave on any journey to avoid complications at the other end! It is also a good habit to always leave a copy of your important documents and any relevant contact details with someone at home.



  • Check validity - it must be current and not due to expire while you are away.
  • Correct Name - Make sure your passport name is the same as on the tickets you will travel on - (eg - use your maiden name on your tickets if that is on your passport)


  • Whether or not you need a visa will entirely depend on your nationality, where you intend to go, and what you intend to do.
  • Always check with your local home country embassy to find out what is needed.
  • Visas are entirely your responsibility!


  • Make sure you have appropriate travel and health insurance for your situation and that the policy covers both the destinations you will be travelling in, and the activites you will be undertaking.


  • Some countries do require certain vaccinations. See your local travel medical centre before you leave to make sure you are covered.


Privacy and Internet Safety

How do I know my details are safe?

Privacy is of utmost importance to Find a Crew™. All personal details and sensitive data are transmitted via SSL Encryption.


At no time is your email address displayed to anyone, unless you send a 'Contact', 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' wave or  message to a Premium Member. Then your email address is displayed on your profile to that member only, for 45 days from when you send the wave or message to them. This way, you choose yourself who your email address is given to.


Other contact details are submitted at your discretion, and only Premium Members can view them. Remembering that although the point of using Find a Crew™ is to make contact with people, you are still very much in control of who that may be. You can choose to have any of your details hidden for privacy reasons.


When you make a payment on Find a Crew™, we do not store credit card details, and in fact, do not even see them as our secure online payment gateway deals directly with your bank and only sends us the confirmation when the payment has been approved (this happens within a few seconds!)

What is identity theft?

Identity theft can be a harmless prank or a serious crime that can affect the way you live. .

Unfortunately there are many sites which publicly display all contact details with no control over who may have access to them. This can lead to spammers and scammers annoying you with sometimes harmless, but sometimes dangerous emails.


Find a Crew™ is likely the most secure Online Marine Crew Network when it comes to your personal contact details. Your email address is never passed on without your consent and you choose who you are passing it on to. All your other contact details are at your liberty if you wish to provide them.

Why can't I attach my personal CV or Resume to my profile?

It's not safe for several reasons!

• A CV or resume is a personal document with often personal information and contact details of yourself and other people (references) who may not appreciate having their details online for all to see.

• You should be in full control of your CV and know who is reading it!

• By not permitting any attachments on Find a Crew™ we can assure you that all content is free of viruses. This is because viruses are contained in programs or documents that must be downloaded and run, or executed directly or via macros, in order for the virus to be unleashed.


On Find a Crew™ you can write (or copy and paste) information about yourself, your experience and expectations in the text fields of your profile. Once you made contact and swapped a few emails and feel comfortable with people you make direct contact with, you can forward your CV to them directly.

Should I use my normal password, and how do I change password and email address?

It is best practise NOT to use the same password as you do for other systems such as banking, email, work, etc.


Make sure your password is unique. You can easily and instantly request your password anytime you like if you have forgotten it and it will be emailed to you. We advise that you don't save emails from us to you that confirm your password. Do not share your password with anyone and change it regularly. This is for your protection.


You can change password or email details in your profile any time using the navigation menu you see when clicking on the steering wheel icon in the top menu bar.

Are cookies dangerous?

No, they are not. Cookies are nothing more than a tiny record consisting of a domain that set the cookie, an expiration date and the name/value pair. Cookies are highly restricted by the browser and can't be made to compromise your computer. Cookies are simply text and nothing more. They can't execute a program, nor can they be used to spy on you.

How do I manage cookies of my browser?

Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari all allow some level of cookie verification.
They have menu options that allow you to accept all, some, or none of your incoming cookies.

Company Browser Go to
Google Chrome Menu > Settings > Show advanced settings... > Privacy > Content settings...
Mozilla Firefox Menu or Tools > Options > Privacy > History > Use custom settings for history
Microsoft Internet Explorer Tools (Alt+X) > Internet options > Privacy > Advanced
Opera Opera

Opera > Settings (Alt+P) > Privacy & security > Cookies

Apple Safari Preferences... (⌘,) > Privacy > Cookies and website data
My cookies are turned on, but it's still not working.

A possibility is that you may be running software that interferes with cookie usage. There are many filtering and blocking software packages available for Internet users these days, and many of them also filter cookies. If you are running software like this, then your computer may not receive or send cookies. This will cause sites you visit to assume you are not accepting cookies.
Another possibility is that your machine may be behind a firewall or proxy server that prevents cookie transmission. This is most likely in a corporate environment. So, regardless of how your browser is set, cookies won't be sent or received by your browser. Since the cookies aren't making it through to your browser, the Web Site will assume you personally aren't accepting them.


How do I show that we are a team or a couple?

Simply click the 'Add your Teammates' button under your 'My Team' section on your profile and follow the steps.

You have two options to go about this:

• Link my profile with a listed Find a Crew™ teammate.
To link Crew profiles you must know each other outside of Find a Crew™ network, to make sure that you are a real team and each person must have their own 'Find a Crew™' Crew member profile. Confirmation is required from each teammate.

• My teammate is NOT a Crew member on Find a Crew™.
This option is not as good as linking your profiles, but much better than not stating at all that you are a team or a couple if in fact you are. No confirmation is required from your teammate.

Tip: Share the Premium membership with PIV crew teammates if you or one of your teammates is a Premium member.
All active PIV crew teammates (Personal Identity Verified) in this team will automatically share, at no extra cost, the Premium membership while at least one teammate is a Premium member.

How long does it take to register my profile?

Registration is a 4 step process and should take less than 10 minutes, even with moderate internet experience.


Step 1 - Your email address and password to create either your boat or crew member account.

Step 2 - About you - your details and your location information.

Step 3 - About the position - details of your availability and what you are looking for.

Step 4 - 'Dear Shipmates' - extra information, write in your own words to tell more about yourself.


Can we register as a team or a couple?

Yes, you just register individually as Crew members and then click 'Add your Teammates' in your profile under the 'My Team' section. Boat Members can then search and find your profiles and see details about each crew member of the team. 

When will my profile be live on Find a Crew™?

As soon as you complete your profile, it will be live on Find a Crew™.

Profiles do go through an automated monitoring process to ensure that no-one misuses or abuses the system, and to keep the quality of our member profiles at a high standard. This process also helps us to detect any fraudulent or spammer attempts to misuse Find a Crew™. Most of these attempts are stopped before they go live.

How old do I have to be to register with Find a Crew™?

Age is no constraint with Find a Crew™. If you are young or seasoned, we welcome you to our network as we can't check how old you are anyway. For your own safety we suggest that you enter your real age rather than pretend to be 19 when you're 17, or 65 instead of 85 for that matter.
However, you are certainly allowed to write in your 'Dear Shipmates' section if you are 80 going on 25!

Most Premium members pay their fee by credit card , and hence are most likely over the age of 18 anyway.

Boat members who take crew members under the age of 18 aboard should assure to have parental permission!

If you are under 18 years of age and wish for an opportunity to go day sailing we encourage you to do so provided your parents know you have registered with Find a Crew™! Crew members under the age of 16 are not included in the automated matching but can still be viewed by members, or contacted by boat members.

Search and Find

How does the 'My members tag list' work?

The members tag list shows the member profiles on which you ticked the box in the top left corner of any summary or detail profile. 

The members tag list automatically shows up when you add the first profile, or disappears if the there are no profiles selected. The list is only cached and not saved against your profile. It will not transfer to an other computer, or if the cache on your computer is cleared.

What is the best way to search for a boat or crew?

There are many ways you can find what you are looking for.


QUICKFIND: Members can use the Quickfind feature which will automatically calculate the best match to your profile and display them in order of percentage match. (To use Quickfind, just sign in and click on the Quickfind link at the top of the page).

SEARCH: Click on Find a Crew or Find a Boat, even as a visitor, and browse through our entire data base (if you have a lot of time!) or narrow the search down by selecting relevant criteria (go to Advanced Search for more criteria).

MATCH COMPARISON: When you are signed in and you look at a profile, you will see a match comparison showing you which criteria match your profile and which don't. (ticks or crosses)


DAILY EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: You will also get two daily email notifications of any new members or those who have updated their profiles, who have a match with your profile of 60% or more. 


SHORTLIST: Keep track of members you are interested in by adding them to your Shortlist. Just click 'Add to Shortlist'. (to remove from your Shortlist, go to the profile and click 'Remove from Shortlist) (To view your Shortlist, click on the  QuickLists link at the top of the page).

*TIP* After your first search, you will get an icon next to the Find a Crew or Find a Boat button. This will take you back to the last search you have done so that you don't have to enter all the criteria again if you are searching for the same thing.

How do I find profile matches with QuickFind™?

Simply with a single click, QuickFind™ will automatically calculate the most relevant matches to YOUR profile!

If you are in a hurry and don't like the QuickFind™ result, simply change the info on YOUR profile, instead of making time consuming, elaborate searches. Any changes in YOUR profile will automatically recalculate your best match result.

Making some selections in YOUR profile 'Mandatory' will automatically eliminate non-matching profiles all together.

For the QuickFind™ to calculate your profile matches automatically, member sign in is required. In QuickFind™ boat members will see matching crew, and crew members will see matching boats in order of the automatically calculated, highest percentage match.

Make Contact

How do I dial an overseas telephone number?
Telephone numbers are written in following format for:
National dialling (07) XXXX XXXX
Area codes (07) that are in brackets may not be required when calling from the same area code.
International dialling +61 7 XXXX XXXX or 0011 61 7 XXXX XXXX
The first 0 from the area code (07) is not used when dialling an international number.
  + or 0011   61 (  7)  XXXX XXXX

IDD prefix 

 Country calling code

NDD prefix 

 City/Area code

 Local number

      NDD is not required for international dialling


Note: If a letter (pause) is shown in the number it means to wait for an additional dial tone at this stage.


IDD prefix (International Direct Dialling) The IDD prefix can be replaced with a '+'

The IDD prefix is the international prefix needed to dial a call FROM the country listed TO another country. This is followed by the country code for the country you are calling.

IMPORTANT Use the + symbol instead of the IDD Prefix in front of your country calling code when displaying your telephone number. The IDD prefix changes depending from which country someone is trying to call you! If you write 00 44... for example, this means that someone from the Bahamas can't call you because they have to dial 011 44... to dial the UK.
Use a + symbol instead of writing your IDD Prefix. People can't call you otherwise, who have to dial a different IDD Prefix.


Country calling code

The country calling code is the national prefix to be used when dialling TO that particular country FROM another country. In some cases you will also need to dial a city or area code.


NDD prefix (National Direct Dialling)

The NDD prefix is the access code used to make a call WITHIN the same country from one city/area to another and is followed by the city/area code for the local number you are calling. 

When dialling from outside the country, the NDD prefix is not be used after dialling the country code; when dialling from within the same country, the NDD prefix is required, but not the country code.
When calling a local number within the same local area, dialling the NDD prefix and the city/area code may not be necessary.

What is a wave? What is a message?

A wave can be sent by all Free & Premium Members to test the waters first with matching members. To minimise the number of emails you receive, waves are always summarised in one email to the member and have no personal text or contact details included. Because waves are summarised they can be received in following frequencies: 'Almost instantly', 'Hourly', 'Twice daily' or 'Daily'. If you don't wish to receive any emails from members at all, you can suspend your profile and select 'Contact closed'.


A message can only be sent by Premium Members and may contain personal text (a pre-written text that can be over written by the member), exchanging as little or as much info and contact details as desired. Messages are sent instantly as an individual email to the member and always have the member's email address in the reply field. A 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' message can be sent by Free Members who received a 'Contact' wave or message from a current Premium Member.


The system will automatically display the wave or message options available to you, depending if you are a Free or a Premium Member.

Can members call me on Skype?

Yes, they certainly can. When you enter your Skype name in your contact details, it will automatically show a Skype status icon and the Skype links which can be accessed by Premium Members.


However, you need to make sure that you have set your 'Privacy' option in your skype account to accept calls from anyone or else the call will not work. In addition, the status will only show if you selceted in your Skype options to do so.

Must I become a Premium Member to make contact?

No. As a Free Member you can send up to 10 initial 'Contact' waves each day, and as many 'Reply Yes / Maybe' (or messages if you reply to a Premium Member), or 'Reply No' waves as you like to any matching member. 


As a Free member you can only exchange contact details with matching current Premium members who 'Contact', 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' to you, and then make any arrangements directly. With other Free members you send waves to express your interest with no contact details disclosed, to avoid your contact details being exploited by members who may not really be serious, or worse, are not who they say they are.


Find a Crew™ is to our knowledge the only marine crew network that checks every single member profile at registration, when edited, when a first payment is made, or an unusual behaviour is detected. Plus, it gives all members the option to complete a Personal Identity Verification (PIV).


The advantage of becoming a Premium member is that you are in full control to exchange contact details instantly with as many matching members as often as you like, and to show that you are committed to find a crew or a position.


TIP: It is a good idea to first use Find a Crew™ as a Free member to make sure the network works for you!

I received a 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' - What happens next?

As a Free member, once you have received a 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' you know there might be an opportunity, but your details are only exchanged if you where contacted by a Premium member who was a Premium member at the time of sending you the message.


  • • If a Premium member 'Contacts' or 'Replies Yes / Maybe' to you, you will get their direct contact details automatically, even as a Free member.
  • • If a Free member 'Contacts' or 'Replies Yes / Maybe' to you, you have the choice of becoming a Premium member yourself to exchange contact details with them, and as many other matching members as you like.

If a member became a Premium member AFTER they CONTACTED or REPLIED YES / MAYBE to you, you will not have received their contact details in the message they sent you. If that member is a Premium member now, they can view your direct contact details other than your email address, or send you another message again.


Free members can send a wave to the same member only once every seven days. Premium members can contact as many matching members as they like.

How many messages can I send?

As a Free Member you can send up to 10 'Contact' waves per day to matching members, and as many 'Reply Yes', 'Reply Maybe' or 'Reply No' waves or messages as you like, but only one wave to the same member within 7 days.


As a Premium Member can send unlimited waves or messages to as many matching members of your choice, and you can of course call members directly if they provided phone numbers.

Free or Premium Membership

What is the difference between Free and Premium Membership?
Membership Overview

(just looking)


  ● Costs in AUD*** (same for either crew or boats - no rules) n/a Free $75 to $420
  ● YOU are always in full control, Find a Crew™ is NOT an agent!      
  ● View recreational, professional or commercial positions      
  ● Free phone support - over 65 phone locations in 23 countries      
  ● Free registration - no contracts, no fees      
  ● Free basic & advanced searching      
  ● Find members by distance from your location*, within n/a ±125km / 78mi ±10km / 6mi
  ● Search member profiles by listing ID number n/a    
  ● Your email address is NEVER publicly displayed n/a    
  ● Your profile is listed for 45 days after your last sign in n/a    
  ● Profile automatically goes on top of list, at every sign in! n/a    
  ● Change the online visibility of your profile any time n/a    
  ● Receive daily member match notification emails n/a    
  ● Free contacting - send a wave n/a    
  ● Unlimited 'Reply Yes / Maybe / No'  waves or messages per day n/a    
  ● Unlimited 'Contact' waves per day n/a 10 per day  
  ● Unlimited 'Contact' waves to the same member n/a once per 7 days  
  ● Exchange contact details with any matching members** n/a with Premium members only  
  ● Edit all pre-written messages n/a    
  ● Search profiles by keywords n/a    
  ● 20% extension discount on any Premium membership n/a    

* You are required to have your current location up to date to calculate the distance to other members provided location. For your accurate location any point around the world can be entered as a custom location via search or coordinates, or by selection from a list of saved locations (more private). 

** Only one party is required to be a Premium Member, either crew or boat member, to exchange contact details.

*** Goods & Services provided for use in Australia attract 10% GST (tax).

Must I become a Premium Member?

You do not have to become a Premium Member. As a Free member you can use, trial, send waves, and familiarise yourself with the Find a Crew™ network for as long as you like without having to become a Premium Member. However, as a Free Member you can only exchange contact details with Premium Members who you 'Contact', or who 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' to you.

When and why should I upgrade to a Premium Member?

You can upgrade to Premium Member when ever YOU like. The purpose of Premium Membership is to exchange contact details with as many matching members of your choice, as often as you like. Either boat or crew members can become a Premium Member, and only one party is required to be a Premium Member to exchange contact details.

There are absolutely no other charges, no placement fees and no commission fees on Find a Crew™.


• As a Premium Member your contact details are only disclosed to matching members you send a 'Contact', 'Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' message to. You can also call them directly if they provided a phone number. If you send a 'Reply No', your contact details are not disclosed and your privacy remains guarded.


• As a Free Member your privacy is always guarded. You can email up to 10 matching members every day and express your interest to them, but your actual contact details are only exchanged with Premium Members you 'Contact','Reply Yes' or 'Reply Maybe' to.

How long can I be a Free Member for?

You can be a Free member forever!


As a Free member, you can send a wave to any matching members, but you can only exchange contact details with matching current Premium members who 'Contact' or 'Reply Yes/Maybe' to you.

How do I renew my Free Membership?

Your Free member profile remains listed for 45 days from your last sign in and your listing will automatically be hidden from the search results but not deleted. The next time you sign in again, your profile will automatically go back on top of the list. Just remember to update your details when you sign back in again.

Free members can keep their account for as long as they want provided they had some regular activity on their account at some stage. Profiles that had only a few sign in's, very limited activity and haven't signed in for at least a year may be deleted at Find a Crew™ discretion.

Must both Members - Crew & Boat - be Premium Members?

No. Only one party - either the boat or the crew member - needs to be a Premium Member in order to exchange contact details.

Your Premium Membership

Can I suspend my Premium Membership or transfer it to another account?

No, your Premium Membership remains with the crew or boat member account it was paid for, until it expires. You cannot transfer the Premium Membership from a boat profile to another boat or crew profile or vice versa.

Can I see the email address of members as a Premium Member?

Yes, as a Premium member you can see the email address on the profile of a member for up to 45 days from receiving a 'Contact', 'Reply Yes' or a 'Reply Maybe' wave or message from that member. In the case of a 'Reply No', no contact details are exchanged, not even for Premium Members.


This gives every member full control and knowledge of who ends up with their email address and reduces the risk of being targeted by spammers.


All other contact information provided by members can be seen by Premium members on the profile.


Using the messaging system gives members the advantage of maintaining a 'Messages' log, so members always know who they made contact with in the past.


Once contact has been made, where at least one member is a Premium member, further contact can continue outside of the Find a Crew™ message system by email or any other means.

Will I get a tax invoice for my payments?

Yes. When you make a payment using our online secure payment gateway, you will recieve an invoice by email once the transaction has been confirmed. You can also choose to have your invoice in one of several languages if necessary.

How do I renew my Premium Membership?

When your Premium membership expires, you can renew it at a discounted rate before it expires, or within a grace period of 15 days from the time it expires. You can see when your Premium membership expires and how long you have to renew at the discounted rate by clicking on the Premium button at the top of your profile. To renew your Premium membership, simply click on the green button which takes you to the payment page. If you let it expire, your profile will revert back to a Free member account. You can upgrade to Premium member again anytime.

What is Find a Crew™'s refund policy? Can I get a refund?

Refund policy

  • Yes, if you haven't already used the service, you can cancel your Premium Membership any time within 14 days after you made the payment without specifying any reasons. Due to the nature of our service we do not refund if you have viewed any member profiles after activation of your Premium Membership, or sent or received a message to or from a member. Our Premium Membership service is then deemed to be provided completely.

Double or fraud payments

  • In the rare event of a double or fraud payment to occur, we will refund this double or fraud payment instantly.

Pro-rated refunds

  • If you cancel your registration with Find a Crew™ prior to the end of your Premium Membership period, Find a Crew™ does not provide a prorated refund. If for some reason, you have technical problems or are not able to sign in to your account on Find a Crew™ please check the Questions & Answers sections. If you need further help you can contact us by email or telephone. We will then try to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Suspending or deleting the profile

  • If you suspend or hide your profile, your Premium Membership will NOT be suspended because the Premium Member service can still be used in suspended or invisible status. If you delete your profile, no full or pro-rata refund will apply.

Tips & Hints

How do I go about getting a contract?

It would be great if it could all be taken care of with a handshake, but a little time and fine print in the beginning, can avoid a lot of cost, time and confusion if things don't go as planned.


A crew agreement and an employment contract are two different subjects, but both are legally binding. Most commercial ships require by law to have a signed crew agreement. We highly recommend contacting the respective authorities or seeking legal advice for commercial vessels.


Most private, non-commercial vessels usually do not require a contract or written agreement with crew members. However, as in nearly every case there is some sort of verbal agreement, we suggest to write it down to minimise any possible disagreements at a later point.

When and where are the best seasons to travel?


This is a brief overview of world routes and travel seasons around the world and kindly reviewed for Find a Crew™ by accomplished sailor and successful author Jimmy Cornell. For a more comprehensive guide please refer to Jimmy Cornell's best-selling books 'World Cruising Routes', 'World Cruising Handbook', 'World Cruising Survey'.


  H = Hemisphere (N=Northern, S=Southern, E=Equator crossing)


December to March - Northern Winter / Southern Summer
Season H Departing from Going to
January to March S AFRICA, Cape Town » Indian Ocean


E BRAZIL, All areas » Caribbean


N SRI LANKA, Galle » Suez, Med / S. Indian Ocean, Chagos


N USA, San Diego » Mexico
January to April N CARIBBEAN, Beguia, Grenada » South Pacific


N PANAMA » USA, West Coast / South Pacific
January to May N CARIBBEAN, St Lucia » South Pacific
January to June N PANAMA » Caribbean
February to April N COSTA RICA, Golfito » South Pacific / Western Caribbean


N WESTERN MEXICO » South Pacific


N SUEZ » Mediterranean
February to June N SOUTH PACIFIC, Hawaii » USA, West Coast
March to June N HAWAII » South Pacific



March to June - Northern Spring / Southern Autumn
Season H Departing from Going to
April to May S AUSTRALIA, Sydney, Brisbane » Fiji & Tonga


N CARIBBEAN, Antigua, Virgin Isles » USA East Coast / Europe
April to June S NEW ZEALAND, All areas » Fiji & Tonga / Australia
April to August S AFRICA, Durban » Indian Ocean


S AUSTRALIA, Cairns » Indian Ocean


E SOUTH PACIFIC, Tahiti » Hawaii


S SOUTH PACIFIC, Tahiti » New Zealand


N USA, Newport » Europe


S INDONESIA, Bali » Indian Ocean / SE Asia


S AUSTRALIA, Darwin » Indian Ocean / SE Asia
June - December N SINGAPORE » Thailand



June to September - Northern Summer / Southern Winter
Season H Departing from Going to
June - December N SINGAPORE » Thailand
August - September N ENGLAND » Mediterranean
September - October S SOUTH PACIFIC, Tonga » Indian Ocean / New Zealand
September - November N ENGLAND & Channel area » Caribbean


E SOUTH PACIFIC, Fiji » North Pacific


S SOUTH PACIFIC, Fiji » Indian Ocean / New Zealand


N SUEZ » Indian Ocean



September to December - Northern Autumn / Southern Spring
Season H Departing from Going to
October - January N CANARY ISLANDS, All » Caribbean
October - November N USA, Ft. Lauderdale / Newport » Caribbean
October - December N MEDITERRANEAN, Gibraltar » Caribbean


N SINGAPORRE » Indian Ocean
November - March S AFRICA, Durban » Cape Town
December N USA, San Diego » Mexico
December - January N SPAIN, Canaries » Caribbean
December - March E AFRICA, Cape Town » Caribbean, Brazil


N THAILAND, Phuket » Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Mediterranean


N USA, San Diego » South Pacific


Why am I not receiving e-mails from Find a Crew™?

Unsolicited, unwanted advertising emails, commonly known as "spam", are a big problem. Find a Crew™ members have full control of managing what emails they like to get and which ones not.

Even though we never send unsolicited email some emails might be filtered out as spam by the members email services/software such as Gmail, AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo, etc.

In many cases the intended recipient is not notified that the email didn't get through, and neither are we (the sender). There is something you can do to keep our messages from falling into your spam or junk mail filter. You can negate "blacklists" (or "junk-filters") with what is known variously as a "safe sender list", or "safe list", or "list of privileged senders". The generic term is a "whitelist". 

To ensure that you receive our emails we ask that you take a minute to add our domain to your e-mail clients equivalent of a "safe sender list". Of course, every e-mail system is different. Below are instructions for some of the more popular ones.

1. Open your Yahoo mailbox.
2. Click Mail Options
3. Click Filters.
4. Next, click Add Filter.
5. in Filter Name box type Smartraveller Advisories and Bulletins
6. In the top row, labeled "From header," make sure contains is selected in the pull-down menu.
7. Click in the text box next to that pull-down menu, then enter message@findacrew.net
8. At the bottom, where it says 'Move the message to:', select 'Inbox' from the pull-down menu.
9. Click the Add Filter button again.

1. Click Contacts along the left side of any Gmail page.
2. Click Add Contact.
3. In the primary e-mail address box, type message@findacrew.net
4. Click Save.

1. Click the Options link.
2. Click the Mail link
3. Click on Junk E-Mail Protection
4. Click on Junk E-Mail Filter
5. From the selection list, choose your Junk E-Mail Filter level (select either 'Low', or 'Enhanced') and click the OK button
6. Click on Safe List
7. In "Type a single e-mail address (or domain)," message@findacrew.net
8. Click Add button.

1. Click Help & Settings
2. Click Email Settings
3. Click on Safe List
4. In Add an item to this list, enter message@findacrew.net
5. Click Add

AOL (version 9.0 or higher)
1. Click the Mail menu and select Address Book.
2. In the pop up box, click the Add button.
3. In the "Other E-Mail" field, type message@findacrew.net
4. Make our From address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box.
5. Click the Save button.

AOL 8.0
1. Open the e-mail.
2. Click Add Address.
3. Verify the senders contact information.
4. Click Save.

What do I need to do, to have the best chance finding a Crew or a Boat?

It is important that you fill in as much of the information on the forms as you feel comfortable with and most importantly:

  • • write about your requirements in the 'Dear Shipmates' section
  • • be honest, direct and clear!
  • • upload relevant pictures - a picture is worth a thousand words!
  • be proactive, use the wave email system, to alert matching members to your profile!
  • • keep your profile up to date
  • • keep signing in* - this keeps your profile further up in the list.
    *members that have not signed in during the last 45 days will no longer be listed in the search.
  • Deleted or hidden profiles can no longer be viewed by any member

Terminology Explained

What are Recreational, Professional, Commercial positions?

Click on links below to view specific pages:




What is a Gigayacht?

Find a Crew™ classes Gigayachts that are:
• over 100 meters (328ft) in length
• luxury, ocean going vessels
• motor powered
• typically 5 decks above waterline and one below
• helicopter and submarine often part of the inventory

What is a Megayacht?

Find a Crew™ classes Megayachts that are:
• over 50 meters (164ft) in length
• luxury, ocean going vessels
• mostly motor powered
• typically 4 decks, and with often more crew than guests
• may accommodate a helicopter pad

What is a Superyacht?

A Superyacht is a very expensive, professionally crewed, privately owned luxury yacht. When referred to the 'Superyacht Community' it is inclusive of Megayachts and Gigayachts. 


Find a Crew™ classes Superyachts that:
• are between 25 meters (82ft) and 50 meters (164ft) in length
• are professionally crewed, ocean going luxury vessels
• are sail or motor powered, with long range capability
• motor powered Superyachts have typically 3 decks, with cabins for at least 10-12 guests

What is an STCW78 or an STCW95?

STCW: Seafarers Training, Certification & Watchkeeping code, or

STCW: Standards of Training, Certification & Watchkeeping for Seafarers


In 1978 the International Maritime Organization (IMO) held a convention to improve the standards for safety and training of professional mariners worldwide. A code was established, which was adopted by many nations on 7 July 1978, named the Seafarers Training, Certification, & Watchkeeping (STCW) Code.


Subsequent conventions were held in 1991, 1994, 1995 & 1997 to update & revise the code. The amended code (STCW 95) is named for the year that it was accepted by it's signatory countries.

The code is setting a minimum international training standards for professional mariners. The level of certification and training you are required to have is based on the capacity you serve in, and the type of vessel you work on. The training requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Completion of training record books assessing one's practical skills

Completion of approved courses in:
Basic Safety Training (BST) includes four modules:

  • personal survival techniques
  • fire prevention and firefighting
  • elementary first aid and personal safety
  • social responsibilities

The STCW BST requirements are contained in Reg. VI/1 of the STCW Code. BST is required for those persons serving in a position that must be filled as part of the required crew complement or assigned a responsibility on the muster list.

  • Bridge Resource Management
  • Survival Craft
  • Automatic RADAR Plotting Aids (ARPA)
  • Global Marine Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)

As required by the 1995 amendments, all 1978 forms will expire on January 31, 2002. It is important that both companies and individual mariners comply with the new rules so they may obtain the 1995 STCW forms required for service beyond their boundary line. In addition, all mariners whose sea service began on or after August 1, 1998 must fully comply with the 1995 training requirements at this time.

What is Gross Tonnage (GT), and Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT)

Please note: 'Tonnage' refers to the unit of a ship's volume in measurement for registration, while 'Tons' (imperial) or 'Tonnes' (metric) refers to the unit of weight. They are totally different in concept.
Ships Volume: Tonnage

Weight: 1 Tons (short, US) = 0.907 Tonnes • 1 Tons (long, UK) = 1.016 Tonnes • 1 Tonnes = 1000kg


Gross Tonnage (GT) is a kind of capacity-derived index that is used rank a ship for purposes of determining manning, safety and other statutory requirements and is expressed simply as GT, which is a unitless entity, even though its derivation is tied to the cubic meter unit of volumetric capacity.

Tonnage measurements are now governed by an IMO Convention (International Convention on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, 1969 (London-Rules)), which applies to all ships built after July 1982. In accordance with the Convention, the correct term to use now is GT, which is a function of the moulded volume of all enclosed spaces of the ship.


It is calculated by using the formula: GT = K x V, where V = total volume in m³, and K = a figure from 0.22 up to 0.32, depending on the ship's size (calculated by: K = 0.2 + 0.02 x log10 V ), so that, for a ship of 10,000 m³ total volume, the gross tonnage would be 0.28 x 10,000 = 2,800 GT.


GT is consequently a measure of the overall size of the ship.


Net tonnage (NT) is based on a calculation of the volume of all cargo spaces of the ship. It indicates a vessel's earning space and is a function of the moulded volume of all cargo spaces of the ship.


Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) represents the total internal volume of a vessel, with some exemptions for non-productive spaces such as crew quarters; 1 gross register ton is equal to a volume of 100 cubic feet (2.83 m³), which volume, if filled with water, would weigh around 2,800 kg or 2.8 tonnes. GRT is always smaller than volume measured in m³. Gross register tonnage was replaced by gross tonnage in 1994 under the Tonnage Measurement convention of 1969, but is still a widely used term in the industry.


Net Register Tonnage (NRT) is the volume of cargo the vessel can carry; ie. the Gross Register Tonnage less the volume of spaces that will not hold cargo (e.g. engine compartment, helm station, crew spaces, etc., again with differences depending on which port or country is doing the calculations). It represents the volume of the ship available for transporting freight or passengers. It was replaced by net tonnage in 1994, under the Tonnage Measurement convention of 1969.


Can I edit a published testimonial?

You can continue to edit your testimonial or experience in your own time before you ‘Submit for Publishing’.

Once a testimonial or experience has been approved and published, it cannot be edited or deleted by a member.

Can I search members based on gender orientation?

No, at this stage the Find a Crew™ network does not filter by the direction of one's sexual interest toward people of the opposite, same, or both sexes. However, members can write a comment in their 'Dear Shipmates' section if they find it might be of importance or relevant to the position they are trying to find or fill.

Even if you don't make a mention in your profile or during the interview process, sexuality is a topic that will have to be discussed, confronted or avoided at one stage during an extended boat journey. It is therefore important that you think about it and are clear about your views and situation and how it could affect the position you are applying for.

It is wrong to agree to a situation that is outside your comfort zone or not interested to explore, but it is also wrong to discriminate against people who might not have your ideas of lifestyle. It is not a question of good or bad morals, but a question of open, non-judgemental communication to avoid an uncomfortable situation.

If you think it would be useful to have such a criteria, please do not hesitate to email us and let us know.
Any feedback is always much appreciated and treated in confidence.

Is there an affiliate or reward program for recommending new members?

The unconditional, honest word of mouth is the best advertising campaign any business can embark on, and we very much appreciate any member recommending the Find a Crew™ network.

But we don't pay any one, nor do we reward anyone to recommend the Find a Crew™ network. That wouldn't be much of a recommendation for anyone to be proud of, and very much useless to the person receiving it.

We wouldn't like it to have it any other way, unless a member's recommendation is sincere and from their heart. If you are satisfied with the Find a Crew™ network, we do thank you for recommending it because YOU decided to do so.

What about Pay and Qualifications?

As every situation will be different, we can't really generalise. As Find a Crew™ is both for professional and recreational boating, Boat Members can choose to offer jobs as paid positions, or as unpaid positions, share cost and contribution situations, and will have their own requirements about what skills, experience or qualifications the crew needs, if any. The pay or wages will also vary according to each situation, but be up front in asking for what the arrangement will be.


Most professional and commercial boats will require that you have at least a basic safety certificate (the most common being the STCW95) which can be obtained from sailing schools - just remember to check that your certificate is recognised internationally. And many boat owners are willing to give you the extra training as well.

Most importantly, in this industry, personality, passion and attitude go a very long way. Crewing is hard work, so be prepared to put in long hours. But the rewards of travel, meeting new people and making good money are worth it! The best advice we can give is to be honest and ask lots of questions when you make direct contact, and to negotiate what suits you both then.

What alternatives do I have if the Find a Crew™ network doesn't work for me?

Many, but it doesn't matter what option you choose - unless you apply a reasonable effort in presentation, communication, personality and make the most of the opportunity on hand, not much might eventuate regardless what you try.

However there are many alternatives to find a crew and we recommend you explore every possible avenue to fill your needs. Find a Crew™ is not a 100% reliable option for every person on this planet, nothing is.

Depending on location, time frame or your experience, some methods work better than others, like backpackers, pubs, agents, forums, dock walking etc. There are many alternatives around, and Find a Crew™ is just one of them available. 


But whichever option you use, make sure there is some proof or trace on how you met someone in case you end up in a situation being interviewed by police or coast guard if your fellow crew were up to some mischief. Also beware when publicly displaying your CV, resume or other personal details that not only employers or boat owners have an interest in them, but spammers or criminal operators. The chance of identity theft might be less than 0.01%, but if your identity is stolen or used by someone else it will affect you 100%.

The Find a Crew™ network is the most effective online option to address these concerns and we have had crew members released from custody early because Find a Crew™ could prove their connection, while other crew members were remanded for a long time because they could not prove how they met the crew that got them in trouble.

What is a testimonial and what is an experience, and why should I submit one?

Testimonials are comments or statements provided by our members to endorse our network. We have many members emailing us to let us know how well Find a Crew™ works for them, and this is a way to share those recommendations by our satisfied members.

An experience is a story of what our members have done as a result of using Find a Crew™. It may be sharing the excitement of finding a dream job, an exotic destination or adventure, or new friends. Photos can be uploaded to your testimonial or member experience to further enhance your story.
Testimonials and experiences provided will be linked to your profile, which helps show who you are and where Find a Crew™ has taken you.
Sharing testimonials and experiences provides both existing and potential Find a Crew™ members with inspiration and confidence to find what they are looking for in our worldwide marine community.
Who do I report a site error, comment or suggestion to?

If you are having a problem with the site, need help with anything, or have a comment or suggestion for us, please go to the Contact Us page to send us an email or give us a call.


We are an online service, but are real people with a passion to make Find a Crew™ work for you, so we always appreciate your feedback.

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