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About us | Find a Crew™ by NAUTYCALAbout us | Find a Crew™ by NAUTYCAL


Find a Crew™ is the World's largest Online Marine Crew & Boat network, which is owned, managed, developed, and supported by NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd, based in the small sea town of Mooloolaba at the Sunshine Coast in Australia.


And yes, we do know how to spell nautical, but we spell it with a 'Y' to have NAUTYCAL as our registered trademark.


The combined 'Y' and the 'i' in our NAUTYCAL logo is our modest way of celebrating that we are all about people, aiming to 'sea' you succeed, and have all of us share many miles with plenty of smiles beyond our wildest dreams.


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Who is Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ is a central point of introduction for people from all over the world of all walks of life. It is not a crew agency, not a forum, and not a social networking website.


Find a Crew™ is Australian owned, managed and developed, and is based in locations around the world with its head office in Australia at the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba.

Our team

Find a Crew™ is home to a team of diverse, dynamic and dedicated people with backgrounds from marine, marketing, IT&C (Information Technology & Communications), travel, education and human resource. 


Our history

Find a Crew™ was founded at the Sunshine Coast, Australia in October 2004, and launched on December 1st, 2004.
Its unique approach to finding a crew quickly attracted thousands of members from around the world in a very short time and placed Find a Crew™ in a leading position within the marine crew industry in less than a year.

Ever since, Find a Crew™ has helped thousands of people to get on the water, find crew for their boats, and introduced the start of many careers, new adventures and friendships.

With the success of the first five years, Find a Crew™ has become an established and leading participant in the nautical online industry. Based on the success and expertise we have in this industry, the original founders formed a new company called NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd, under which umbrella Find a Crew™ belongs to as of 1 October 2009, and NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd is the flag ship for other projects and acquisitions.


Find a Crew™ has active Members in over 135 countries, receives daily member payments originating from over 125 countries, and has over 60 convenient Find a Crew™ telephone support locations around the World (see 'Contact Us').

What is Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ is the World's largest International Online Marine Crew & Boat Network providing a point of introduction for mariners around the world.

Find a Crew™ is NOT a Crew Agency - Our network is designed to help you find a good crew or a great boat to join by yourself, which provides a cheaper and faster alternative. Find a Crew™ is suited to people who like to make their own decisions about what is best for them. Crew agents are however also welcome to use our service if it helps them to find the right crew for their clients.

Where can I use Find a Crew™?

Anywhere! Find a Crew™ is worldwide and online. You can use Find a Crew™ anytime you have a reasonably good Internet connection, to find or fill positions around the globe.


Our member demographics is approximately 40% USA, 40% Europe, 8% Australia, and 12% ROW (Rest Of World).

When should I use Find a Crew™?

Anytime! If you are looking for a new crew or a new crew job or position anywhere in the world, it is worth looking on Find a Crew™!

Why should I use Find a Crew™?

Find a Crew™ caters for Recreational, Professional and Commercial boating, for boats of all types and sizes, and for all associated position types and jobs. Visitors to the site can search and view profiles and have a look around, but must be a registered member to send waves or messages.

Find a Crew™ offers an alternative to finding or filling a position whereby members are in full control to make their own choices about what suits them best.


  • Privacy and Security - Our members are in full control of who gets their email address, minimizing the chances of being 'spammed'. All personal data entered is SSL Secure encrypted, and we DO NOT store any credit card details when making payments. Payments are made via a secure online payment gateway, which communicates directly with the member's bank.
  • Make contact instantly - Members can contact any listed crew or boat member who matches their profile to let them know that they are interested. Free members can upgrade to Premium member if, and when they like, to exchange contact details.
  • Value for money - Find a Crew™ has an established reputation for its privacy, security and the high quality of its network. Only one party, crew or boat member, is required to become a Premium member to exchange contact details with matching members with no other charges such as commissions or hiring fees. Premium members can contact as many matching members as the like to make sure they have the best choices available.
  • Customer Service - Yes - we are an online service, but we are also a business that is run by real people. You can call us at over 65 phone numbers in 23 countries around the world, and offer fantastic email support 24/7/365. We are here to help!


Find a Crew® and Find Crew® is a registered trademark of findacrew.net, incorporated in Australia.

NAUTYCAL® is a registered trademark of Nautycal Pty Ltd, incorporated in Australia.
Find a Crew™ is a registered business of NAUTYCAL Pty Ltd. ACN 139 383 832, ABN 11 139 383 832



  • Superyacht Jobs
  • Megayacht Jobs
  • Yacht Crew Jobs
  • Yacht Deliveries
  • Sailing Yacht Jobs
  • Motor Yacht Jobs

Jobs and Positions

  • Captain
  • Skipper
  • 1st Mate / Officer
  • Officer
  • Engineer
  • Bosun
  • Dive Instructor
  • Navigator
  • Deckhand
  • Steward
  • Hostess
  • Watch-keeper

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Find a Crew® and Find Crew® is a registered trademark of findacrew.net, incorporated in Australia.
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